ERP iScala Database Structure

iScala Supprort & Customization

Business processes implementation, ad-hock services, end-users training and education, maintenance support.

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Epicor Service Connect

Integration with any third-party services. Customize internal workflows.

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SAP Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, Excel.

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Name Description Dependences Example
CM3L table Extended Contract Lines Company CM3L0100
CMBP Best Price Table Company CMBP0100
CMH1 Contract History Master File Company CMH10100
CMH3 Contract Line History File Company CMH30100
CMH4 Delivery Schedule History Company CMH40100
CMH5 Contract Line Act History Company CMH50100
CMHD Company CMHD0100
CMHI Invoicing Plan History Company CMHI0100
CMHL Extended Contract Lines LTM History Company CMHL0100
CMHT Contract Line Text History Company CMHT0100
CMI2 Contract Instalment Lines Company CMI20100
CMI4 Contract Instalment Lines History Company CMI40100
CMIP Invoicing Plan Company CMIP0100
CMMT Business Transaction Type Contract Mapping Company CMMT0100
CMVV Variable Values Company CMVV0100
SM11 Service Contract Master Company SM110100
SM13 Service Contract Lines Company SM130100
SM15 Service Contract Parameters Company SM150100
SM16 Service Contract Document Texts Company SM160100
SM17 Phrase File Company SM170100
SM18 Contract Price Table Company SM180100
SM1T Service Contract Line Texts Company SM1T0100
SM20 Service Contract Automatic Accounting Coding Schedule Company Year SM200112
SM31 WIP Transaction Journal Company Year SM310112
SM34 Price Calculation Profiles Company SM340100
SM35 Service Contract Index File Company SM350100
SM36 Index History File Company SM360100
SM69 Contract Codes Company SM690100
SM70 Contract Invoicing History Company SM700100
SM71 Service Contract Deferrals Booking History Company SM710100
SM75 Delivery Schedule Company SM750100
SM85 Contract Line Activities Company SM850100