ERP iScala Database Structure

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Name Description Dependences Example
PA01 Payroll Parameters Company Year PA010112
PA02 Unions Company PA020100
PA03 Wage Types Company PA030100
PA04 Employees Company PA040100
PA05 Fixed Wage Types Company PA050100
PA06 Payroll Statistics Company PA060100
PA07 Reported Salary Transaction Company PA070100
PA08 Tax Tables Company PA080100
PA09 Payroll Calculation Company PA090100
PA10 Payroll Payment List Company PA100100
PA11 Employee History Company PA110100
PA12 Employee Search Table Company PA120100
PA13 Employee Record Setup Company PA130100
PA14 Report Names Company PA140100
PA17 Payroll Journal Company Year PA170112
PA19 Payroll Calculation Constants Company PA190100
PA20 Extended Accumulators Company PA200100
PA23 Previous Employees Company PA230100
PA24 Previous Employees Search Table Company PA240100
PA25 Previous Employees Extended Accumulators Company PA250100
PA2A Previous Employees Accumulators Company PA2A0100
PA2B Extended Accumulators Template Company PA2B0100
PA31 Work Calendar Company PA310100
PA32 Timesheet Parameters Company PA320100
PA33 Time Sheets Company PA330100
PA34 Payroll Periodical Accumulators Company PA340100
PA35 Payroll Calculation Models Company PA350100
PA37 Other Tables Company PA370100
PA38 User Table Setup Company PA380100
PA39 Payroll Dictionaries Company PA390100
PA3A Timesheet Parameters 2 Company PA3A0100
PA40 Dictionary Search Table Company PA400100
PA41 Multilingual Name Company PA410100
PA44 Periodical Accumulators Setup Company PA440100
PA45 Report Work Table Company PA450100
PA46 Employee History of Field Changes Company PA460100
PA4A Employee Accumulators Company PA4A0100
PA4B Employee Templates Company PA4B0100
PA4C Employees Accumulator Templates Company PA4C0100
PA4D Employee Image Company PA4D0100
PA50 Dictionary Links Company PA500100
PA60 Individual Timesheet Details Company PA600100
PA61 Individual Timesheet Company PA610100
PA62 PA62 Ts Signs Company PA620100
PA63 PA63 Tc Main Company PA630100
PA64 PA64 Tc Line Company PA640100
PA70 Time Type Company PA700100
PA75 Payroll History Company PA750100
PA76 Payroll Transaction Company PA760100
PA77 Payroll Groups Company PA770100
PA81 Task Main Company PA810100
PA82 Task Details Company PA820100
paAuditDetails Audit details Company paAuditDetails0100
paAuditHeader Audit header Company paAuditHeader0100
paBatchHeader Batch header Company paBatchHeader0100
paBatchRepWages Batch of reported wages Company paBatchRepWages0100
paBTRepWages Business Transactions for Reported Wages Company paBTRepWages0100
paBudgetDraft Budget Draft Company paBudgetDraft0100
paBudgetEmplAcc Budget Accumulators Company paBudgetEmplAcc0100
paBudgetEmplCard Budget Employee Card Company paBudgetEmplCard0100
paBudgetEmplExtAcc Budget Extended Acc. Company paBudgetEmplExtAcc0100
paBudgetEmplHistory Budget Employee History Company paBudgetEmplHistory0100
paBudgetEmplPerAcc Spare table Company paBudgetEmplPerAcc0100
paBudgetEmplSearch Budget Employee Search Company paBudgetEmplSearch0100
paBudgetEmplTaxes Budget employees-taxes links Company Year paBudgetEmplTaxes0112
paBudgetFixedWages Budget Fixed Wages Company paBudgetFixedWages0100
paBudgetHistoryOfChanges Budget History of Changes Company paBudgetHistoryOfChanges0100
paBudgetHistoryOfChangesYD Budget History Of Changes (year dependent) Company Year paBudgetHistoryOfChangesYD0112
paBudgetLevels Budget Levels Company paBudgetLevels0100
paBudgetLevelsWages Budget Levels Wages Company paBudgetLevelsWages0100
paBudgetPerAccsData Budget Periodical Accumulators Company paBudgetPerAccsData0100
paBudgetPeriodDetails Budget Period Details Company paBudgetPeriodDetails0100
paBudgetPeriodHead Budget Period Head Company paBudgetPeriodHead0100
paBudgetStat Budget Statistics Company paBudgetStat0100
paCalcAccum Calculated Accumulators Company paCalcAccum0100
paCalcModelWages Calculated model wage types Company paCalcModelWages0100
paContractExt Contract extended attributes Company paContractExt0100
paCustomFilterConfig Custom filter metadescriptions Company paCustomFilterConfig0100
paCustomTreeConfig Company paCustomTreeConfig0100
paDictExt Extension of dictionaries Company paDictExt0100
paEmplCard Employees (Advanced PA) Company paEmplCard0100
paEmplHistory Employee history Company paEmplHistory0100
paEmplSearch Employee Search (Advanced PA) Company paEmplSearch0100
paEmplTaxes Employees-taxes links Company Year paEmplTaxes0112
paHistoryCategoryFields Fields of History Categories Company paHistoryCategoryFields0100
paHistoryOfChanges History of Changes Company paHistoryOfChanges0100
paHistoryOfChangesYD History Of Changes (year dependent) Company Year paHistoryOfChangesYD0112
PAL1 PAL1 Comp Report Main Company PAL10100
PAL2 PAL2 Comp Report Details Company PAL20100
paOlapLayouts OLAP Layouts Company paOlapLayouts0100
paPerAccs Periodical Accumulators Setup (Advanced Payroll) Company paPerAccs0100
paPerAccsData Periodical Accumulators Data (Advanced Payroll) Company paPerAccsData0100
paPerAccsNames Periodical Accumulators Names Company paPerAccsNames0100
paPersCard Persons (Advanced PA) Company paPersCard0100
paPersSearch Person Search (Advanced PA) Company paPersSearch0100
PAR1 Report Main Company PAR10100
PAR2 Report Details Company PAR20100
PAR3 Definition Company PAR30100
PAR4 Definition Rules Company PAR40100
paReportAccess Company paReportAccess0100
paSetupHist History of changes - Setup Company paSetupHist0100
paSetupHistYD History of changes - Setup (year dependent) Company Year paSetupHistYD0112
paShifts Company paShifts0100
paTaxes Taxes Company Year paTaxes0112
paTaxesDetails Details of taxes Company Year paTaxesDetails0112
paTaxesNames Taxes names Company Year paTaxesNames0112
paTimeActGroups Company paTimeActGroups0100
paTimeTrans Company paTimeTrans0100
paTimeTransBatch Company paTimeTransBatch0100
paTimeTransLinks Company paTimeTransLinks0100
paTransStat Payroll Journal Statistics Company Year paTransStat0112
paTreeRelations Tree Relations Company paTreeRelations0100
paTSStat Timesheet statistics Company paTSStat0100
PAU3 PAU3 User Group Rights Company PAU30100
paWageExt Extension of wage types Company paWageExt0100
PAX0 Synchronization Company PAX00100