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Name Description Dependences Example
COB1 Configuration BOM Node Company COB10100
COB2 Configuration BOM Node Name Company COB20100
COB3 Configuration BOM Link Company COB30100
COB4 Configuration BOM Branch Company COB40100
COB5 BOM Configuration Names Company COB50100
COB6 Configuration Orders Company COB60100
COB8 Configuration helper Company COB80100
COH6 Configuration Orders Company COH60100
COH7 BOM Configuration History Company COH70100
sca_trg_Audit_SY29 Audit trigger for SY29 table Company sca_trg_Audit_SY290100
ScaCalCollections Calendar Collections Company ScaCalCollections0100
ScaCalCollectionsDescr Calendar Collection Descriptions Company ScaCalCollectionsDescr0100
ScaCalDays Calendar Days Company ScaCalDays0100
ScaCalDayTypeGroup Calendar Day Type Group Links Company ScaCalDayTypeGroup0100
ScaCalDayTypes Calendar Day Types Company ScaCalDayTypes0100
ScaCalDayTypesDescr Calendar Day Type Descriptions Company ScaCalDayTypesDescr0100
ScaCalendars Calendars Company ScaCalendars0100
ScaCalendarsDescr Calendar Descriptions Company ScaCalendarsDescr0100
ScaCalInheritance Calendar Inheritance Company ScaCalInheritance0100
ScaCalRecurrences ScaCalRecurrences Company ScaCalRecurrences0100
ScaCalStatus Calendars Status Company ScaCalStatus0100
ScaCalTaskConflicts Calendar Conflicting Tasks Company ScaCalTaskConflicts0100
ScaCalTaskOccurrences Calendar Task Occurrences Company ScaCalTaskOccurrences0100
ScaCalTasks Calendar Tasks Company ScaCalTasks0100
ScaCalTime Calendar Time Company ScaCalTime0100
ScaCalTimeTypeGroup Calendar Time Type Group Links Company ScaCalTimeTypeGroup0100
ScaCalTimeTypes Calendar Time Types Company ScaCalTimeTypes0100
ScaCalTimeTypesDescr Calendar Time Type Descriptions Company ScaCalTimeTypesDescr0100
ScaReportStyle Report Style ScaReportStyle0000
ScaReportStyleProperty Report Style Property ScaReportStyleProperty0000
ScaReportStylePropertyValue Report Style Property Value ScaReportStylePropertyValue0000
SY12 Standard Form Text Company SY120100
SY14 Currency File Company SY140100
SY16 Feature Activation File SY160000
SY18 Tax Engine Parameters Company SY180100
SY24 General Code File Company SY240100
SY26 Currency Quotation File Company SY260100
SY28 Pre-printing form inventory Company SY280100
SY29 Vat Codes/Tax Rate Codes Company SY290100
SY2C Scala Year Independent Counter Storage Company SY2C0100
SY2D Skipped Counter Values(Year Independent) Company SY2D0100
SY2X VAT Periods SY2X0000
SY2Z VAT Macros SY2Z0000
SY31 Accounting Dimensions Defaults Company SY310100
SY33 VAT Code Matrix Company SY330100
SY34 VAT Codes Foreign Descriptions Company SY340100
SY40 Scala Parameters Storage Company SY400100
SY41 Scala Import/Export Data Storage Company SY410100
SY42 Multilingual Code File Company SY420100
SY43 Planning Calendar Company SY430100
SY44 Electronic Links Company SY440100
SY45 Tolerance Table Company SY450100
SY46 Tolerance Control Table Company SY460100
SY47 Business Destinations SY470000
SY48 Business Destination Descriptions SY480000
SY49 Business Destination Links Company SY490100
SY51 Company SY510100
SY52 Export control action Company SY520100
SY53 Export control rules Company SY530100
SY55 Cheque Transactions Company SY550100
SY68 Scala Counter Storage Company Year SY680112
SY69 Skipped Counter Values Company Year SY690112
SY70 Multiple IBAN codes Company SY700100
SY71 IBAN Layout SY710000
SY72 IBAN Bank Definition Company SY720100
SY73 Common ID Definition SY730000
SY74 ISO Country Names SY740000
SY75 Common Address Layout SY750000
SY76 Common Address Data Company SY760100
SY77 Common ID Ranges Company SY770100
SY78 Common ID Primary Key SY780000
SY79 Common ID Query Definition SY790000
SY7A Common ID Description SY7A0000
SY7B Common Address Descriptions SY7B0000
SY7C Common Address Line Descriptions SY7C0000
SY7D IBAN Country Codes SY7D0000
SY7E IBAN Bank Names Company SY7E0100
SY7F IBAN Layout Descriptions SY7F0000
SY7H Country-specific Common Address SY7H0000
SY7K Extra Data Codes SY7K0000
SY7L Extra Data Codes Descriptions SY7L0000
SY7Q Common ID Query Description SY7Q0000
SY7R Common Ranges Company SY7R0100
SY7S UDDB Default Values Company SY7S0100
SY7T Validation Rules Company SY7T0100
SY80 Customer Site Addresses Company SY800100
SY81 BTT Type Multilingual Company SY810100
SY82 Lead Time Element Company SY820100
SY83 Lead Time Element Multilingual Company SY830100
SY84 Delivery Variation Company SY840100
SY85 Delivery Variation Multilingual Company SY850100
SY86 Lead Time Rule Company SY860100
SY87 Lead Time Rule Duration Company SY870100
SY88 BTT Type Company SY880100
SY90 Company SY900100
SY91 Company SY910100
SY97 Work file central currency dictionary SY970000
SY98 Work file central currency dictionary SY980000
SYA1 Company SYA10100
SYA2 Company SYA20100
SYAC Accounting String Conversion Control Company SYAC0100
SYAF Audit Trail for Monetary Restatement Company Year SYAF0112
SYB1 Tax Rule Company SYB10100
SYB3 Financial Operation Codes Company SYB30100
SYB4 IOGS Report Types Company SYB40100
SYB5 IOGS Record Types SYB50000
SYB6 IOGS Field Types SYB60000
SYB7 IOGS Record Structure Company SYB70100
SYB9 NCM Code Company SYB90100
SYBC Fiscal Text Codes Company SYBC0100
SYBD Document Fiscal Text Company SYBD0100
SYBE Business Event and Action Company SYBE0100
SYBJ Origin / Destination Rates Company SYBJ0100
SYBK EDI Layout Headers Company SYBK0100
SYBL Access Restrictions Company SYBL0100
SYBM EDI Layout Lines Company SYBM0100
SYBN Output FileHeaders Company Year SYBN0112
SYBO Output File Lines Company Year SYBO0112
SYBQ EDI Field Descriptions Company SYBQ0100
SYBT EDI Collection Events Company SYBT0100
SYBU EDI Bank Information Company SYBU0100
SYBY TS Margins Company SYBY0100
SYBZ Serial Invoice Number Company SYBZ0100
SYCC Central Currency. Dictionary SYCC0000
SYCD Currency Dictionary Company SYCD0100
SYCE EMU Currency History SYCE0000
SYCF Central Currency File SYCF0000
SYCH Currency History Company SYCH0100
SYCI Central Currency File SYCI0000
SYD0 Document image header Company SYD00100
SYD1 Document image lines Company SYD10100
SYDL Signed document lines Company SYDL0100
SYDN Signed Document Company SYDN0100
SYDS Signed Document Serial Number Company SYDS0100
SYEI Excel Import Definition Company SYEI0100
SYES Dynamic email setup Company SYES0100
SYET Table storing Entry Types Company SYET0100
SYFF Log File Monetary Restatement Company Year SYFF0112
SYFH View Audit History Filter Header Company SYFH0100
SYFL View Audit History Filter Fields Company SYFL0100
SYFT View Audit History Filter Tables Company SYFT0100
SYH1 Company SYH10100
SYH2 Company SYH20100
SYH3 Company SYH30100
SYHH Company SYHH0100
SYHL Company SYHL0100
SYIC Company SYIC0100
SYIF Company SYIF0100
SYIJ Invoicing jobs interconnection table Company SYIJ0100
SYL1 Tax Types Company SYL10100
SYL2 Tax Liability Company SYL20100
SYL3 Tax Liabilities Company SYL30100
SYL4 Tax Codes Company SYL40100
SYL5 Tax Codes Lines Company SYL50100
SYL6 Tax Rate Intervals Company SYL60100
SYL7 Tax Exemptions Company SYL70100
SYL8 Document Issuer Company SYL80100
SYLK Attachment Storage Links Company SYLK0100
SYM1 Company SYM10100
SYM2 Company SYM20100
SYNT Report Naming Template Table Company SYNT0100
SYPC Company SYPC0100
SYPD Purchaser File Foreign Name Company SYPD0100
SYPF Print Queue Filters Company SYPF0100
SYPP Company SYPP0100
SYPQ Print Job Queue Table Company SYPQ0100
SYPU Purchaser File Company SYPU0100
SYR0 Business Rule Certificate Assignment Company SYR00100
SYR4 Transaction Control Parameters Company SYR40100
SYR5 Control Classes Company SYR50100
SYR6 Business Rule Certificate Company SYR60100
SYR7 Business Rules Company SYR70100
SYR8 Business Rule Certificate UDFs Company SYR80100
SYR9 Business Rules Descriptions Company SYR90100
SYRA Business Rule Certificate UDF Template Company SYRA0100
SYRB Business Rule Certificate UDF Structure Company SYRB0100
SYRC Business Rule Certificate UDF Captions Company SYRC0100
SYRF Common ID References Company SYRF0100
SYRS Synchronization Setup Company SYRS0100
SYRT Synchronization Status Company SYRT0100
SYS1 Bank Information Company SYS10100
SYS2 Filter Switch Company SYS20100
SYSR Report File Replacement Symbols Company SYSR0100
SYTB Tax Box Links Company SYTB0100
SYTX Company SYTX0100
SYVT Company SYVT0100
SYXX Log File for Wizard utility Company Year SYXX0112
SYZC Zip Code Dictionary SYZC0000