ERP iScala Database Structure

iScala Supprort & Customization

Business processes implementation, ad-hock services, end-users training and education, maintenance support.

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Epicor Service Connect

Integration with any third-party services. Customize internal workflows.

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SAP Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, Excel.

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Name Description Dependences Example
MA01 Market Database Company MA010100
MA01A0 Market DataBase Company MA01A00100
MA01B0 Market DataBase Company MA01B00100
MA01C0 Market DataBase Company MA01C00100
MA01D0 Market DataBase Company MA01D00100
MA01E0 Market DataBase Company MA01E00100
MA01F0 Market DataBase Company MA01F00100
MA01G0 Market DataBase Company MA01G00100
MA01H0 Market DataBase Company MA01H00100
MA01I0 Market DataBase Company MA01I00100
MA01J0 Market DataBase Company MA01J00100
MA01K0 Market DataBase Company MA01K00100
MA01L0 Market DataBase Company MA01L00100
MA01M0 Market DataBase Company MA01M00100
MA01N0 Market DataBase Company MA01N00100
MA01O0 Market DataBase Company MA01O00100
MA01P0 Market DataBase Company MA01P00100
MA01Q0 Market DataBase Company MA01Q00100
MA01R0 Market DataBase Company MA01R00100
MA01S0 Market DataBase Company MA01S00100
MA01T0 Market DataBase Company MA01T00100
MA01U0 Market DataBase Company MA01U00100
MA01V0 Market DataBase Company MA01V00100
MA01W0 Market DataBase Company MA01W00100
MA01X0 Market DataBase Company MA01X00100
MA01Y0 Market DataBase Company MA01Y00100
MA01Z0 Market DataBase Company MA01Z00100
MA03 Contacts Company MA030100
MA03A0 Contacts Company MA03A00100
MA03B0 Contacts Company MA03B00100
MA03C0 Contacts Company MA03C00100
MA03D0 Contacts Company MA03D00100
MA03E0 Contacts Company MA03E00100
MA03F0 Contacts Company MA03F00100
MA03G0 Contacts Company MA03G00100
MA03H0 Contacts Company MA03H00100
MA03I0 Contacts Company MA03I00100
MA03J0 Contacts Company MA03J00100
MA03K0 Contacts Company MA03K00100
MA03L0 Contacts Company MA03L00100
MA03M0 Contacts Company MA03M00100
MA03N0 Contacts Company MA03N00100
MA03O0 Contacts Company MA03O00100
MA03P0 Contacts Company MA03P00100
MA03Q0 Contacts Company MA03Q00100
MA03R0 Contacts Company MA03R00100
MA03S0 Contacts Company MA03S00100
MA03T0 Contacts Company MA03T00100
MA03U0 Contacts Company MA03U00100
MA03V0 Contacts Company MA03V00100
MA03W0 Contacts Company MA03W00100
MA03X0 Contacts Company MA03X00100
MA03Y0 Contacts Company MA03Y00100
MA03Z0 Contacts Company MA03Z00100
MA04 Campaigns Company MA040100
MA04A0 Campaigns Company MA04A00100
MA04B0 Campaigns Company MA04B00100
MA04C0 Campaigns Company MA04C00100
MA04D0 Campaigns Company MA04D00100
MA04E0 Campaigns Company MA04E00100
MA04F0 Campaigns Company MA04F00100
MA04G0 Campaigns Company MA04G00100
MA04H0 Campaigns Company MA04H00100
MA04I0 Campaigns Company MA04I00100
MA04J0 Campaigns Company MA04J00100
MA04K0 Campaigns Company MA04K00100
MA04L0 Campaigns Company MA04L00100
MA04M0 Campaigns Company MA04M00100
MA04N0 Campaigns Company MA04N00100
MA04O0 Campaigns Company MA04O00100
MA04P0 Campaigns Company MA04P00100
MA04Q0 Campaigns Company MA04Q00100
MA04R0 Campaigns Company MA04R00100
MA04S0 Campaigns Company MA04S00100
MA04T0 Campaigns Company MA04T00100
MA04U0 Campaigns Company MA04U00100
MA04V0 Campaigns Company MA04V00100
MA04W0 Campaigns Company MA04W00100
MA04X0 Campaigns Company MA04X00100
MA04Y0 Campaigns Company MA04Y00100
MA04Z0 Campaigns Company MA04Z00100
MA06 Market Parameters MA060000
MA07 Definition User Fields MA070000
MA08 Code File Company MA080100
MA08A0 Code File Company MA08A00100
MA08B0 Code File Company MA08B00100
MA08C0 Code File Company MA08C00100
MA08D0 Code File Company MA08D00100
MA08E0 Code File Company MA08E00100
MA08F0 Code File Company MA08F00100
MA08G0 Code File Company MA08G00100
MA08H0 Code File Company MA08H00100
MA08I0 Code File Company MA08I00100
MA08J0 Code File Company MA08J00100
MA08K0 Code File Company MA08K00100
MA08L0 Code File Company MA08L00100
MA08M0 Code File Company MA08M00100
MA08N0 Code File Company MA08N00100
MA08O0 Code File Company MA08O00100
MA08P0 Code File Company MA08P00100
MA08Q0 Code File Company MA08Q00100
MA08R0 Code File Company MA08R00100
MA08S0 Code File Company MA08S00100
MA08T0 Code File Company MA08T00100
MA08U0 Code File Company MA08U00100
MA08V0 Code File Company MA08V00100
MA08W0 Code File Company MA08W00100
MA08X0 Code File Company MA08X00100
MA08Y0 Code File Company MA08Y00100
MA08Z0 Code File Company MA08Z00100
MA09 Notes People Company MA090100
MA09A0 Notes People Company MA09A00100
MA09B0 Notes People Company MA09B00100
MA09C0 Notes People Company MA09C00100
MA09D0 Notes People Company MA09D00100
MA09E0 Notes People Company MA09E00100
MA09F0 Notes People Company MA09F00100
MA09G0 Notes People Company MA09G00100
MA09H0 Notes People Company MA09H00100
MA09I0 Notes People Company MA09I00100
MA09J0 Notes People Company MA09J00100
MA09K0 Notes People Company MA09K00100
MA09L0 Notes People Company MA09L00100
MA09M0 Notes People Company MA09M00100
MA09N0 Notes People Company MA09N00100
MA09O0 Notes People Company MA09O00100
MA09P0 Notes People Company MA09P00100
MA09Q0 Notes People Company MA09Q00100
MA09R0 Notes People Company MA09R00100
MA09S0 Notes People Company MA09S00100
MA09T0 Notes People Company MA09T00100
MA09U0 Notes People Company MA09U00100
MA09V0 Notes People Company MA09V00100
MA09W0 Notes People Company MA09W00100
MA09X0 Notes People Company MA09X00100
MA09Y0 Notes People Company MA09Y00100
MA09Z0 Notes People Company MA09Z00100
MA10 Report List Company MA100100
MA10A0 Report List Company MA10A00100
MA10B0 Report List Company MA10B00100
MA10C0 Report List Company MA10C00100
MA10D0 Report List Company MA10D00100
MA10E0 Report List Company MA10E00100
MA10F0 Report List Company MA10F00100
MA10G0 Report List Company MA10G00100
MA10H0 Report List Company MA10H00100
MA10I0 Report List Company MA10I00100
MA10J0 Report List Company MA10J00100
MA10K0 Report List Company MA10K00100
MA10L0 Report List Company MA10L00100
MA10M0 Report List Company MA10M00100
MA10N0 Report List Company MA10N00100
MA10O0 Report List Company MA10O00100
MA10P0 Report List Company MA10P00100
MA10Q0 Report List Company MA10Q00100
MA10R0 Report List Company MA10R00100
MA10S0 Report List Company MA10S00100
MA10T0 Report List Company MA10T00100
MA10U0 Report List Company MA10U00100
MA10V0 Report List Company MA10V00100
MA10W0 Report List Company MA10W00100
MA10X0 Report List Company MA10X00100
MA10Y0 Report List Company MA10Y00100
MA10Z0 Report List Company MA10Z00100
MA11 User Database Field Definitions MA110000
MA12 Diary Company MA120100
MA12A0 Diary Company MA12A00100
MA12B0 Diary Company MA12B00100
MA12C0 Diary Company MA12C00100
MA12D0 Diary Company MA12D00100
MA12E0 Diary Company MA12E00100
MA12F0 Diary Company MA12F00100
MA12G0 Diary Company MA12G00100
MA12H0 Diary Company MA12H00100
MA12I0 Diary Company MA12I00100
MA12J0 Diary Company MA12J00100
MA12K0 Diary Company MA12K00100
MA12L0 Diary Company MA12L00100
MA12M0 Diary Company MA12M00100
MA12N0 Diary Company MA12N00100
MA12O0 Diary Company MA12O00100
MA12P0 Diary Company MA12P00100
MA12Q0 Diary Company MA12Q00100
MA12R0 Diary Company MA12R00100
MA12S0 Diary Company MA12S00100
MA12T0 Diary Company MA12T00100
MA12U0 Diary Company MA12U00100
MA12V0 Diary Company MA12V00100
MA12W0 Diary Company MA12W00100
MA12X0 Diary Company MA12X00100
MA12Y0 Diary Company MA12Y00100
MA12Z0 Diary Company MA12Z00100
MA13 OBF file Company MA130100
MA13A0 OBF file Company MA13A00100
MA13B0 OBF file Company MA13B00100
MA13C0 OBF file Company MA13C00100
MA13D0 OBF file Company MA13D00100
MA13E0 OBF file Company MA13E00100
MA13F0 OBF file Company MA13F00100
MA13G0 OBF file Company MA13G00100
MA13H0 OBF file Company MA13H00100
MA13I0 OBF file Company MA13I00100
MA13J0 OBF file Company MA13J00100
MA13K0 OBF file Company MA13K00100
MA13L0 OBF file Company MA13L00100
MA13M0 OBF file Company MA13M00100
MA13N0 OBF file Company MA13N00100
MA13O0 OBF file Company MA13O00100
MA13P0 OBF file Company MA13P00100
MA13Q0 OBF file Company MA13Q00100
MA13R0 OBF file Company MA13R00100
MA13S0 OBF file Company MA13S00100
MA13T0 OBF file Company MA13T00100
MA13U0 OBF file Company MA13U00100
MA13V0 OBF file Company MA13V00100
MA13W0 OBF file Company MA13W00100
MA13X0 OBF file Company MA13X00100
MA13Y0 OBF file Company MA13Y00100
MA13Z0 OBF file Company MA13Z00100
MA14 Products and Product Groups Company MA140100
MA14A0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14A00100
MA14B0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14B00100
MA14C0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14C00100
MA14D0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14D00100
MA14E0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14E00100
MA14F0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14F00100
MA14G0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14G00100
MA14H0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14H00100
MA14I0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14I00100
MA14J0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14J00100
MA14K0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14K00100
MA14L0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14L00100
MA14M0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14M00100
MA14N0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14N00100
MA14O0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14O00100
MA14P0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14P00100
MA14Q0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14Q00100
MA14R0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14R00100
MA14S0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14S00100
MA14T0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14T00100
MA14U0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14U00100
MA14V0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14V00100
MA14W0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14W00100
MA14X0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14X00100
MA14Y0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14Y00100
MA14Z0 Product/Prod. Group Company MA14Z00100
MA16 User Code Descriptions MA160000
MA17 Definitions Extra Files MA170000
MA18 Mail Attributes MA180000
MA19 Prospect Templates Company MA190100
MA19A0 Standard Prospects Company MA19A00100
MA19B0 Standard Prospects Company MA19B00100
MA19C0 Standard Prospects Company MA19C00100
MA19D0 Standard Prospects Company MA19D00100
MA19E0 Standard Prospects Company MA19E00100
MA19F0 Standard Prospects Company MA19F00100
MA19G0 Standard Prospects Company MA19G00100
MA19H0 Standard Prospects Company MA19H00100
MA19I0 Standard Prospects Company MA19I00100
MA19J0 Standard Prospects Company MA19J00100
MA19K0 Standard Prospects Company MA19K00100
MA19L0 Standard Prospects Company MA19L00100
MA19M0 Standard Prospects Company MA19M00100
MA19N0 Standard Prospects Company MA19N00100
MA19O0 Standard Prospects Company MA19O00100
MA19P0 Standard Prospects Company MA19P00100
MA19Q0 Standard Prospects Company MA19Q00100
MA19R0 Standard Prospects Company MA19R00100
MA19S0 Standard Prospects Company MA19S00100
MA19T0 Standard Prospects Company MA19T00100
MA19U0 Standard Prospects Company MA19U00100
MA19V0 Standard Prospects Company MA19V00100
MA19W0 Standard Prospects Company MA19W00100
MA19X0 Standard Prospects Company MA19X00100
MA19Y0 Standard Prospects Company MA19Y00100
MA19Z0 Standard Prospects Company MA19Z00100
MA20 Customer Request Header Company MA200100
MA21 Customer Request Lines Company MA210100
MA22 Customer Request Description Company MA220100
MA23 Customer Request Line Description Company MA230100
MA24 Customer Request Parameters Company MA240100