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Name Description Dependences Example
SC01 Stock Item Master Table Company SC010100
SC03 Item Warehouse Company SC030100
SC04 Stock Extra Information Company SC040100
SC05 Serial Numbers Company SC050100
SC07 Stock Transactions Company SC070100
SC08 Discount per Product Group Company SC080100
SC10 Stock Parameters 1 Company SC100100
SC11 Stock Planning Company SC110100
SC13 Distribution Fees Company SC130100
SC14 Price Calculations Company SC140100
SC15 Calculation Parameters 1 Company SC150100
SC16 Serial Number History Company SC160100
SC19 Customer Order Discounts Company SC190100
SC1B Stock Budget Profiles 0-4 Company SC1B0100
SC1C Stock Budget Profiles 5-9 Company SC1C0100
SC1D Calculation Parameters 2 Company SC1D0100
SC22 Price Calculations Customers Company SC220100
SC23 Warehouse Master Table Company SC230100
SC24 Automatic Accounting Table SC Company SC240100
SC25 General Ledger Transactions Company Year SC250112
SC26 Transaction Index File Company SC260100
SC27 EC Trade Statistics Company SC270100
SC28 EC Tax Rep. wrk SC280000
SC2A Work File for EC Tax Reports Definition SC2A0000
SC30 Serial Number Remarks Company SC300100
SC33 Batch Information Company SC330100
SC34 Batch Costs Company SC340100
SC36 Bin Information Company SC360100
SC37 Stock Item Templates Company SC370100
SC38 Stock Item Volume Discount Templates Company SC380100
SC39 Price Lists Company SC390100
SC42 Stock Taking Lists Company SC420100
SC43 Batch Extra Description Company SC430100
SC45 Customer Discounts Company SC450100
SC46 Discount Templates Company SC460100
SC47 Discount Codes Company SC470100
SC48 Discount Descriptions Company SC480100
SC49 Discount Setup Company SC490100
SC4A Template Names Company SC4A0100
SC4B Discount Setup Descriptions Company SC4B0100
SC50 Discount Ranges Company SC500100
SC51 Template Values Company SC510100
SC52 Discount Accounting Company SC520100
SC53 Discount Schemas Company SC530100
SC54 Discount Scheme Descriptions Company SC540100
SC55 Schema Structure Company SC550100
SC56 Discount Setup Statistics Company SC560100
SC60 Shipment Company SC600100
SC61 Packing List Company SC610100
SC62 Box Header Company SC620100
SC63 Box Line Company SC630100
SC64 Box Element Company SC640100
SC65 Cycle Count Item Parameters Company SC650100
SC66 Cycle Counting Class Company SC660100
SC67 Cycle Counting Campaigns Company Year SC670112
SC68 Counting Parameters Company SC680100
SC69 Counting Proposal Header Company Year SC690112
SC70 Allocation History Company SC700100
SC71 Campaign Parameter Header Details Company Year SC710112
SC72 Counting Proposal Header History Company Year SC720112
SC73 Counting Proposal List Lines History Company Year SC730112
SC74 Cycle Counting Parameters Company SC740100
SC75 Counting Proposal List Lines Company Year SC750112
SC76 iScala Stock Balance History Company SC760100
SC77 WMS stock balance History Company SC770100
SC78 Box Handling Picking Proposal Company SC780100
SC79 Box Handling Reciept work file structure Company SC790100
SC7A SC Box Handling Reciept work file structure Company SC7A0100
SC7B Box Handling User-defined fields Company SC7B0100
SC7C Company SC7C0100
SC7D Company SC7D0100
SC7E Company SC7E0100
SC7F Company SC7F0100
SC7G Stock transfer order serial number Company SC7G0100
SC80 Company SC800100
SC81 Company SC810100
SC82 Company SC820100
SC83 Company SC830100
SC85 Company SC850100
SC86 Company SC860100
SC87 Company SC870100
SC88 Company SC880100
SC89 Company SC890100
SC8A Company SC8A0100
SC8B Company SC8B0100
SC8C Company SC8C0100
SC8D Company SC8D0100
SC90 Company SC900100
sca_trg_Audit_SC01 Audit trigger for SC01 table Company sca_trg_Audit_SC010100
sca_trg_Audit_SC03 Audit trigger for SC03 table Company sca_trg_Audit_SC030100
sca_trg_Audit_SC04 Audit trigger for SC04 table Company sca_trg_Audit_SC040100
sca_trg_Audit_SC10 Audit trigger for SC10 table Company sca_trg_Audit_SC100100
sca_trg_Audit_SC23 Audit trigger for SC23 table Company sca_trg_Audit_SC230100
sca_trg_Audit_SC39 Audit trigger for SC39 table Company sca_trg_Audit_SC390100
sca_trg_Audit_SCP3 Audit trigger for SCP3 table Company sca_trg_Audit_SCP30100
sca_trg_Audit_SCP5 Audit trigger for SCP5 table Company sca_trg_Audit_SCP50100
sca_trg_Audit_SCP6 Audit trigger for SCP6 table Company sca_trg_Audit_SCP60100
sca_trg_Audit_SCP7 Audit trigger for SCP7 table Company sca_trg_Audit_SCP70100
sca_trg_Audit_SCT1 Audit trigger for SCT1 table Company sca_trg_Audit_SCT10100
SCA1 Rules for MPC WO allocations Company SCA10100
SCB0 Box headers for Picking module Company SCB00100
SCB1 Stock Control BOM Node Company SCB10100
SCB2 Stock Control BOM Name Company SCB20100
SCB3 Stock Control BOM Link Company SCB30100
SCB4 Stock Control BOM Branch Company SCB40100
SCB5 BOM Template Names Company SCB50100
SCB6 Work file for ATP Rescheduling SCB60000
SCB7 Temporary Stock planning table,ATP SCB70000
SCB8 Work file for splitted lines, ATP SCB80000
SCB9 BOM Printing Options Company SCB90100
SCBA Company SCBA0100
SCBG Temporary ATP Period table SCBG0000
SCBH Box headers history for Picking module Company SCBH0100
SCBP Bin Location Proposals Company SCBP0100
SCCF Commodity code description Company SCCF0100
SCCT Commodity code Company SCCT0100
SCDA Default Accounting Matrix Company SCDA0100
SCDB Default Bins Company SCDB0100
SCDF Commodity code segment description Company SCDF0100
SCDT Commodity code segment definition Company SCDT0100
SCF1 Exposed Stock Item Company SCF10100
SCGL General Ledger Transactions (History) Company SCGL0100
SCH0 Stock Withdrawal Parameters Company SCH00100
SCH3 Stock Account Matrix Company SCH30100
SCH4 Credit Account Matrix Company SCH40100
SCH5 Department Company SCH50100
SCI1 Reason Codes descriptions Company SCI10100
SCI2 Reason Code features Company SCI20100
SCII Inwarding Information Company SCII0100
SCK4 Supplier Priorities for Quality Control Company SCK40100
SCL1 Batch Tax Transactions Company SCL10100
SCLC Logistic form Connections Company SCLC0100
SCLF Logistic forms Company SCLF0100
SCP1 Life Cycle Phase Definition Company SCP10100
SCP2 Life Cycle Phase Strings Company SCP20100
SCP3 Stock Item Life Cycle Phase Company SCP30100
SCP5 Discount per Stock Code Company SCP50100
SCP6 Price and Discount per Stock code - Customer Company SCP60100
SCP7 Price and Discount per Stock code - Supplier Company SCP70100
SCRE REACH Report Company SCRE0100
SCSW Company SCSW0100
SCT1 Stock Item Extra Batch Information Company SCT10100
SCT2 Batch User Authorization Company SCT20100
SCT5 Customer/Supplier Control Company SCT50100
SCT6 Trace Batch Changes Company SCT60100
SCT7 Batch Price List Company SCT70100
SCT8 Batch Templates Company SCT80100
SCT9 Company SCT90100
SCUC unit codes Company SCUC0100
SCUN unit names in different languages Company SCUN0100
SCW1 Central Warehouse Definition SCW10000
SCW2 Transaction Warehouse Definition SCW20000
SCW3 Central Warehouse Picking List Head Company SCW30100
SCW4 Central Warehouse Order Process Status SCW40000
SCW5 Company SCW50100
SCW6 Company SCW60100
SCW7 Company SCW70100
SCW8 Central Warehouse Order Head Extension SCW80000
SCW9 Central Warehouse Order Line Extension SCW90000
SCWA Warehouse Area Company SCWA0100
SCWB Central Warehouse Picking List Line Company SCWB0100
SCWC Central Warehouse Customer Values SCWC0000
SCWD Central Warehouse Order Status and Parameters SCWD0000
SCWE Company SCWE0100
SCWF Intercompany Serial Number Transfer Transactions SCWF0000
SCWG Delivery Errors SCWG0000
SCWH Central Warehouse Picking List Allocations SCWH0000
SCWI Central Warehouse Merged Picking Lists Company SCWI0100
SCWL Central Warehouse Serial Number Transfer Company SCWL0100
SCWM Central Warehouse Delivery Transactions SCWM0000
SCWQ Central Warehouse Picking List Log Company SCWQ0100
SCWS Central Warehouse Central VAT Codes SCWS0000
SCWT Central Warehouse Central VAT Code References SCWT0000
SCWU Central Warehouse VAT Macro References SCWU0000
SCWW Central Warehouse Intercompany Delivery Transaction History SCWW0000
SCXP Extra Parameters Company SCXP0100
SCXX Work File for Batch Trace SCXX0000
SCXZ Work File for ABC-Analysis SCXZ0000
SCZ5 Tax Exemptions Company SCZ50100
SCZ6 Tax exemption settings on NCM code level Company SCZ60100
SL61 Reminder Proposal Company SL610100
ST30 Stock Item - Packaging Codes Company ST300100
ST31 Temporary ST310000