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Name Description Dependences Example
MP00 Configuration Head Company MP000100
MP01 Configuration Lines Company MP010100
MP03 Accessory List Head Company MP030100
MP04 Accessory Lines Company MP040100
MP06 Automatic Accounting Schedule GOGS Company MP060100
MP07 Standard Cost Summary Company MP070100
MP08 Setup time per work centre Company MP080100
MP0B Distribution File Company MP0B0100
MP0D Configuration Word Order Company MP0D0100
MP10 Parameter Table for Time to Start Company MP100100
MP11 MPC Time to Start Proposals Company MP110100
MP12 Company MP120100
MP3L Company MP3L0100
MP50 Work Centers Company MP500100
MP52 Tools Company MP520100
MP54 Cost Codes Company MP540100
MP55 Sum.part of tmp MP550000
MP56 MPC Parameters Company Year MP560112
MP57 MPC Stock Item Details Company MP570100
MP58 MPC Calculus Models Company MP580100
MP59 MPC Calculus Constants Company MP590100
MP5A Component Mater MP5A0000
MP5B Cust. No/Order MP5B0000
MP5C Temp. Sel.Term MP5C0000
MP5D Temp.ECO Hist. MP5D0000
MP5E Wrk.OR Mater.An MP5E0000
MP5F Picking L. Sort MP5F0000
MP5G Wrk.Cum.Mater.1 MP5G0000
MP5H Wrk.Cum.Mater.2 MP5H0000
MP5I Wrk.Reconfigur. MP5I0000
MP5J Wrk.Dispatching MP5J0000
MP5K Wrk.Completed S MP5K0000
MP5M Wrk. Costing MP5M0000
MP5N Compare struct MP5N0000
MP5O Wrk. for MP0562 MP5O0000
MP60 Tmp.Actual cost MP600000
MP61 MPC Bill of Material Company MP610100
MP62 Work Centre Load Company MP620100
MP63 Routings Company MP630100
MP64 Work Orders Company MP640100
MP65 Work Order BOM Company MP650100
MP66 Work Order BOM Issues Company MP660100
MP67 Work Order Routings Company MP670100
MP68 Work Order Batch Lines Company MP680100
MP69 Dispatched Load Company MP690100
MP6E Master Planning Schedule Print-Out (Temp. File) MP6E0000
MP6F Temporary file for Mtrl. issues MP6F0000
MP6G Work File for use in SC06002 MP6G0000
MP6H Work File for use in SC0661 MP6H0000
MP6I Work File for use in SC0662 MP6I0000
MP6J Work File for use in SC0668 MP6J0000
MP6K Work File for use in SC0669 MP6K0000
MP6L Temp.file for Actual Cost/Sales Order MP6L0000
MP70 Free Headers Company MP700100
MP71 Free Texts Company MP710100
MP72 Enquiry File Company MP720100
MP73 Description Free Fields Company MP730100
MP74 Report Numbers Company MP740100
MP75 Production Statistics Company MP750100
MP76 Actual Cost Head Company MP760100
MP77 Actual Cost Material Company MP770100
MP78 Actual Cost Operations Company MP780100
MP79 Actual Cost Transactions Company MP790100
MP7A Family/Foreman area/Department temporary file MP7A0000
MP80 Calculus File Company MP800100
MP82 Work Center Calendar Company MP820100
MP83 Phantom Material List Temporary File MP830000
MP84 Phantom Operation List Temporary file MP840000
MP85 Customer Order to Work Order 1 Company MP850100
MP86 Customer Order to Work Order 2 Company MP860100
MP87 MPC Code File Company MP870100
MP89 Stock Planning + Gross Requirements (Temp. File) MP890000
MP8D Work File for use in SC0585 MP8D0000
MP90 Automatic Accounting Schedule WIP Company MP900100
MP91 WIP Transactions Company MP910100
MP92 MRP Stock Planning Company MP920100
MP93 MPS Stock Planning Company MP930100
MP94 Forecast Product Group Distribution Company MP940100
MP95 Forecasts Company MP950100
MP96 MRP/SRP Replenishment Proposals Company MP960100
MP97 ECO History Company MP970100
MP98 GOGS Order Accounting Company MP980100
MP9B Temporay File B for MRP MP9B0000
MP9C WIP Transactions Journal Company Year MP9C0112
MP9W WIP Transactions History Company MP9W0100
MPCM Graphical Planning Layer/Info colors Company MPCM0100
MPFC Company MPFC0100
MPGI MRP Group Dependent Item Data Company MPGI0100
MPGN MRP Group Independent Net Event Company MPGN0100
MPGP Graphical Planning Configuration Company MPGP0100
MPGR Node-Type configuration Company MPGR0100
MPGS MRP Group Dependent Net Event Company MPGS0100
MPLF MRP/MPS Action screen coordination table Company MPLF0100
MPLL Sales order lines to work order link Company MPLL0100
MPM0 Gross Requirement temporary file Company MPM00100
MPM1 Forecast OP temporay file Company MPM10100
MPM2 Forecast Workcenter temporary file Company MPM20100
MPM3 Forecast Load temporay file Company MPM30100
MPM4 API of forecast print-out temporary file MPM40000
MPM5 Gross Requirement temporary file MPM50000
MPMG Company MPMG0100
MPMS Definitions of fixed MRP/MPS bucket schedules Company MPMS0100
MPMW Company MPMW0100
MPOL Work order type description Company MPOL0100
MPOT Work order type setup Company MPOT0100
MPPG MRP Pegging Company MPPG0100
MPRO RMA link Company MPRO0100
sca_trg_Audit_MP50 Audit trigger for MP50 table Company sca_trg_Audit_MP500100
sca_trg_Audit_MP54 Audit trigger for MP54 table Company sca_trg_Audit_MP540100
sca_trg_Audit_MP57 Audit trigger for MP57 table Company sca_trg_Audit_MP570100
sca_trg_Audit_MP61 Audit trigger for MP61 table Company sca_trg_Audit_MP610100
sca_trg_Audit_MP63 Audit trigger for MP63 table Company sca_trg_Audit_MP630100