ERP iScala Database Structure

iScala Supprort & Customization

Business processes implementation, ad-hock services, end-users training and education, maintenance support.

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Epicor Service Connect

Integration with any third-party services. Customize internal workflows.

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SAP Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, Excel.

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Name Description Dependences Example
ORT1 Sales Order Tax Transactions Company ORT10100
SM01 Service Order Master Table Company SM010100
SM02 Service Order Status History Company SM020100
SM03 Service Order Activity Lines Company SM030100
SM04 Service Order Invoice Customers Company SM040100
SM05 Service Order Cost Lines Company SM050100
SM06 Service Order Delivery Lines Company SM060100
SM07 Service Order Material Lines Company SM070100
SM08 Service Order Internal Invoice Summary Company SM080100
SM09 Service Order Text Storage Company SM090100
SM10 Service Order Type Parameter Company SM100100
SM23 Service Order Planning Calendar Company SM230100
SM24 Service Order Activities Company SM240100
SM25 Service Order Activity & Cost Prices Company SM250100
SM26 Service Order Parameters Company SM260100
SM27 Service Order Document Texts (not used) Company SM270100
SM28 Service Order Phrase Texts Company SM280100
SM29 Service Order Templates Company SM290100
SM2A Service Order Material Lead Time Details History Company SM2A0100
SM2D Service Order Activity Descriptions Company SM2D0100
SM30 WIP Transaction Control Table Company SM300100
SM32 Service Job Description Company SM320100
SM33 Company Year SM330112
SM37 Service Order Pager Company SM370100
SM38 Standard Accessories Company SM380100
SM39 Accounting Rules Company SM390100
SM3H Company SM3H0100
SM3L Service Order Material Lead Time Details Company SM3L0100
SM3T Service Job Description Texts Company SM3T0100
SM41 Service Order Head History Company SM410100
SM42 History Service Order Status History Company SM420100
SM43 Service Order Activity Lines History Company SM430100
SM44 Service Order Cost Lines History Company SM440100
SM45 Service Order Material Lines History Company SM450100
SM46 Service Management Texts History Company SM460100
SM47 Service Order Delivery Lines History Company SM470100
SM48 Service Order Invoice Customers History Company SM480100
SM50 Warranty Extension Company SM500100
SM51 Service Order Discount Lines Company SM510100
SM52 Service Order Discount Lines History Company SM520100
SM61 Service Order Error Key (not used) Company SM610100
SM62 Service Order Errors (not used) Company SM620100
SM63 Service Order Automatic Accounting Coding Schedule Company Year SM630112
SM64 Company Year SM640112
SM68 Service Order External Program List Company SM680100
SM72 Service Invoice Sort File Company SM720100
SM73 Picking Locations Company SM730100
SM74 Picking Locations Lines Company SM740100
SM80 Help Desk Header Company SM800100
SM81 Help Desk Solution Code Company SM810100
SM82 Help Desk Instructions Company SM820100
SM83 Service Order User Def Tables (not used) Company SM830100
SM84 Service Order User Def Fields (not used) Company SM840100
SM90 Service Order Image Implementation Company SM900100
SM91 WIP Labour History Company SM910100
SM92 WIP Cost History Company SM920100
SM93 WIP Material History Company SM930100
SM94 Export Document Parameters Company SM940100
SM95 Service Order Transport Document Parameters Company SM950100
SM96 Service Order Transport Documents Company SM960100
SM97 Master Suborder Link Table Company SM970100
SM98 Master Suborder Links History Company SM980100
SMAC Work file for accounting summary Company SMAC0100
SMB1 Service Order BOM Node Company SMB10100
SMB2 Service BOM Node Name Company SMB20100
SMB3 Service Order BOM Link Company SMB30100
SMB4 Service Order BOM Branch Company SMB40100
SMC1 Check List Company SMC10100
SMC2 Check List Lines Company SMC20100
SMD0 Drop Shipment Templates Company SMD00100
SMD2 Service Order Drop Shipment Lines Company SMD20100
SMD3 Service Order Drop Shipment Lines History Company SMD30100
SMDW Work File for Documents Company SMDW0100
SMEX Extended Order Header Company SMEX0100
SMF2 Filter Shop Company SMF20100
SMH1 Service Order BOM Nodes History Company SMH10100
SMH2 Service Order BOM Node Names History Company SMH20100
SMH3 Service Order BOM Links History Company SMH30100
SMH4 Service Order BOM Branches History Company SMH40100
SMHA Service Order Cost and Time History Transactions Company SMHA0100
SMHM Service Order Material History Transactions Company SMHM0100
SMHS Company SMHS0100
SMI2 Service Order Instalment Lines Company SMI20100
SMI4 Service Order Instalment Lines History Company SMI40100
SMMT Business Transaction Type Service Order Mapping Company SMMT0100
SMP1 Preventive Maintenance Plan Company SMP10100
SMP2 Exception Pricing Plan Company SMP20100
SMP3 Actual Usage Company SMP30100
SMP4 Preventive Maintenance Proposal Company SMP40100
SMP5 Exceptional Invoicing Proposal Company SMP50100
SMP6 Conflicting Jobs Company SMP60100
SMT3 Service Order Activity Line Texts Company SMT30100
SMT5 Service Order Cost Line Texts Company SMT50100
SMT7 Service Order Material Line Texts Company SMT70100
SMTA Service Order Cost and Time Transactions Company SMTA0100
SMTM Service Order Material Transactions Company SMTM0100
SMU3 Service Order Activity Line Texts History Company SMU30100
SMU4 Service Order Cost Line Texts History Company SMU40100
SMU5 Service Order Material Line Texts History Company SMU50100
SMUW Mass Update Work file SMUW0000
SMX2 Work File for Time Planning Company SMX20100
SMX3 Work File for Closing Service Invoices Company SMX30100
SMXX Work File for External Update Company SMXX0100
SYS3 Selection Form Template Company SYS30100