ERP iScala Database Structure

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Name Description Dependences Example
OR01 Sales Order Head Company OR010100
OR03 Sales Order Lines Company OR030100
OR04 Sales Order Delivery Addresses Company OR040100
OR05 Order Parameters Company OR050100
OR06 Document Text File Company OR060100
OR07 Phrase File Company OR070100
OR09 Export Document Parameters Company OR090100
OR10 Transport Document Parameters Company OR100100
OR11 Transport Documents Company OR110100
OR12 Order History (Compressed) Company OR120100
OR13 External Programs Company OR130100
OR14 Order Status Company OR140100
OR16 ECC doc.printout OR160000
OR17 Order Text Lines Company OR170100
OR18 Order History Text (Compressed) Company OR180100
OR19 Order Delivery Lines Company OR190100
OR20 Sales Order Head History Company OR200100
OR21 Sales Order Lines History Company OR210100
OR22 Sales Order Delivery Addresses History Company OR220100
OR23 Order Delivery Lines History Company OR230100
OR24 Order Text Lines History Company OR240100
OR25 Order Line Amount History Company OR250100
OR26 Order Total Amounts History Company OR260100
OR27 Discount Groups Company OR270100
OR29 Order Lines Lead Time Details History Company OR290100
OR2A Discount Group Descriptions Company OR2A0100
OR2E History Transport Documents Company OR2E0100
OR33 Sales Order Discount Lines Company OR330100
OR34 Sales Order Discount Lines History Company OR340100
OR3L Order Lines Lead Time Details Company OR3L0100
OR40 Sales Order Header Historical Versions Company OR400100
OR41 Sales Order Lines Historical Versions Company OR410100
OR42 Sales Order Text Line Historical Versions Company OR420100
OR43 Sales Order Delivery Address Historical Version Company OR430100
OR44 Sales Order Discount Lines Historical Version Company OR440100
OR45 Order Lines Lead Time Details Historical Versions Company OR450100
OR50 Company OR500100
OR51 Company OR510100
OR52 Company OR520100
OR91 Export Invoice Company OR910100
OR92 Freight Document (Finnish) Company OR920100
ORB1 Sales Order BOM Node Company ORB10100
ORB2 Sales Order BOM Name Company ORB20100
ORB3 Sales Order BOM Link Company ORB30100
ORB4 Sales Order BOM Branch Company ORB40100
ORD0 Drop Shipment, Template Company ORD00100
ORD2 Drop Shipment Lines Company ORD20100
ORD3 Drop Shipment History Company ORD30100
ORDW Wrk Documents ORDW0000
ORH1 Sales Order BOM Node History Company ORH10100
ORH2 Sales Order BOM Node Name History Company ORH20100
ORH3 Sales Order BOM Link History Company ORH30100
ORH4 Sales Order BOM Branch History Company ORH40100
ORI2 Instalments Company ORI20100
ORI4 Instalments History Company ORI40100
ORMT Business Transaction Type Sales Order Mapping Company ORMT0100
ORN1 Order Notes Company ORN10100
ORN2 Order Notes history Company ORN20100
ORN3 Company ORN30100
ORR1 Original Order Link Company ORR10100
ORR2 History Original Order Link Company ORR20100
ORT1 Sales Order Tax Transactions Company ORT10100
ORTF Order Template foreign description Company ORTF0100
ORTH Order Template header Company ORTH0100
ORTL Order Template columns Company ORTL0100
ORV1 Sale Order BOM Node Version History Company ORV10100
ORV2 Sales Order BOM Node Name Version History Company ORV20100
ORV3 Sales Order BOM Node Link Version History Company ORV30100
ORV4 Sales Order BOM Node Branch Version History Company ORV40100
ORWA Order Work A ORWA0000
ORWK Order Work K ORWK0000
ORXM Order Merge wrk Company ORXM0100
ORXX External Upd.Wr ORXX0000
ORXY Closing Ord.Wrk ORXY0000
sca_trg_Audit_OR01 Audit trigger for OR01 table Company sca_trg_Audit_OR010100
sca_trg_Audit_OR03 Audit trigger for OR03 table Company sca_trg_Audit_OR030100
sca_trg_Audit_OR04 Audit trigger for OR04 table Company sca_trg_Audit_OR040100
sca_trg_Audit_OR33 Audit trigger for OR33 table Company sca_trg_Audit_OR330100
SLIN Invoice Based Intrastat SL Company SLIN0100