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Name Description Dependences Example
GL00 Ordered Reports File Company GL000100
GL03 Accounting Dimensions Company Year GL030112
GL06 General Ledger Transactions Company Year GL060112
GL07 Daybook Journal Transactions Company Year GL070112
GL08 Opening Balance Journal Transactions Company Year GL080112
GL09 Report Layouts Company GL090100
GL10 General Ledger Parameters Company Year GL100112
GL11 Automatic Allocations Company GL110100
GL12 Chart of Account Headings Company Year GL120112
GL14 Simulation Transactions Company Year GL140112
GL15 Transaction Workfile C Company GL150100
GL16 General Ledger Parameters 2 Company Year GL160112
GL18 Phrase File Company GL180100
GL19 Transaction Workfile D Company GL190100
GL1A GL Budget Profiles Company Year GL1A0112
GL21 Project History Transactions Company GL210100
GL22 Transaction Workfile A Company GL220100
GL23 Report Generator Company GL230100
GL24 Report Notes Company GL240100
GL25 Report Interactive Notes Company GL250100
GL26 Cash Flow Planned Transaction Setup Company GL260100
GL27 Cash Flow Accounts Company GL270100
GL28 Parameter File Interest Charge Project Company GL280100
GL29 Account Number Alias Company GL290100
GL30 Transaction Workfile B Company GL300100
GL34 WrkDepreciation GL340000
GL40 Consolidated Currencies Company Year GL400112
GL41 Consolidation Account Translations Company Year GL410112
GL42 Cash-Book Reconciliation Accounts Company GL420100
GL43 Cash-Book Reconciliation Transactions Company GL430100
GL44 Workfile Cheques Company GL440100
GL45 Transaction Text Company Year GL450112
GL46 Valid Coding Combinations Company Year GL460112
GL52 General Ledger Balances Company Year GL520112
GL53 Account Schedule Company Year GL530112
GL55 Foreign Descriptions Company Year GL550112
GL56 Commitments Company Year GL560112
GL57 Bank Statement Header Company GL570100
GL58 Bank Statement Transactions Company GL580100
GL59 Reconcilation Proposal Company GL590100
GL5A Multi-Currency Links Company Year GL5A0112
GL5B Multi-Currency General Ledger Balances Company Year GL5B0112
GL5C Bank Definition Company GL5C0100
GL5D Multi-Link Statistical Account Balances Company Year GL5D0112
GL5S SPED parameters Company Year GL5S0112
GL60 Compound Allocations Company GL600100
GL61 Compound Allocation Descriptions Company GL610100
GL62 Compound Allocation Lines Company GL620100
GL65 Compound Allocation Remeasurement Transactions Company GL650100
GL67 Compound Allocation Selection History Company GL670100
GL77 EMU Conversion Set-up Company GL770100
GL80 Un-Authorized Transactions (Greece) Company Year GL800112
GLB2 Operation Details Company GLB20100
GLB3 Receipt Information Company GLB30100
GLBT Converted GL06 transactions Company Year GLBT0112
GLC1 Statement- or Debit/Credit Notification Message Company GLC10100
GLC2 Statement- or Debit/Credit Notification Message Page Company GLC20100
GLC3 Statement- or Debit/Credit Notification Company GLC30100
GLC4 Statement- or Debit/Credit Notification Entry Company GLC40100
GLC5 Statement- or Debit/Credit Notification Entry Detail Company GLC50100
GLC6 Statement- or Debit/Credit Notification Entry Detail Transaction Company GLC60100
GLC7 Statement- or Debit/Credit Notification Entry Detail Transaction Unstructured Remittance Company GLC70100
GLC8 Statement- or Debit/Credit Notification Entry Detail Transaction Structured Remittance Company GLC80100
GLC9 Charges Company GLC90100
GLCB Petty Cash Master Table Company Year GLCB0112
GLCD Petty Cash Desk Parameters Company Year GLCD0112
GLCE Cash Office Company GLCE0100
GLCF Cash Office Language Dependent Description Company GLCF0100
GLCG Reason Code Company GLCG0100
GLCH Notification processing template header Company GLCH0100
GLCI Reason Code Language Dependent Description Company GLCI0100
GLCL Notification processing template Line Company GLCL0100
GLCW Compound Periodic Allocation Work File GLCW0000
GLCX Petty Cash Extension File Company Year GLCX0112
GLCY Petty Cash Transaction File Company Year GLCY0112
GLEB Extended General Ledger Balance Company Year GLEB0112
GLF1 Financial Reporting Report Definition Company GLF10100
GLF2 Financial Reporting RowSet Company GLF20100
GLF3 Financial Reporting Row Company GLF30100
GLF4 Financial Reporting Leaf Row Properties Company GLF40100
GLF5 Financial Reporting ColumnSet Company GLF50100
GLF6 Financial Reporting Column Company GLF60100
GLF7 Accounting Dimension Categories Company GLF70100
GLF8 Accounting Dimension Categories Leaf Properties Company GLF80100
GLFA Financial Reporting Report Definition Descriptions Company GLFA0100
GLFB Financial Reporting RowSet Descriptions Company GLFB0100
GLFC Financial Reporting Row Descriptions Company GLFC0100
GLFD Financial Reporting ColumnSet Descriptions Company GLFD0100
GLFE Financial Reporting Column Descriptions Company GLFE0100
GLFF Accounting Dimension Categories Descriptions Company GLFF0100
GLGL GL Consolidation Company GLGL0100
GLH0 PMS Interface File Structure Definition (Header) Company GLH00100
GLH1 PMS Interface File Structure Definition (Records) Company GLH10100
GLH2 PMS Interface Mapping File Company GLH20100
GLHI FA Transaction History Company GLHI0100
GLII Company fiscal parameters for Italian fiscal reports Company GLII0100
GLR1 Company GLR10100
GLR2 Company GLR20100
GLR6 GL Reversed Transactions Company Year GLR60112
GLR7 GL Reversed Transactions in Daybook Journal Company Year GLR70112
GLRD Company GLRD0100
GLRH Revenue Recognition History WIP Journal Company GLRH0100
GLRJ Company Year GLRJ0112
GLRM Revenue Recognition Model Codes Company GLRM0100
GLRR Company GLRR0100
GLTH BLiner functionality Company Year GLTH0112
GLTM Transaction Mapping Company GLTM0100
GLTR Transformation Rules for BLiner functionality Company Year GLTR0112
GLXX Wrk. Acc.Spec. GLXX0000
GLXZ SQL work file GLXZ0000
GLZZ Hyperion Export Parameters Company GLZZ0100
sca_trg_Audit_GL03 Audit trigger for GL03 table Company Year sca_trg_Audit_GL030112
sca_trg_Audit_GL10 Audit trigger for GL10 table Company Year sca_trg_Audit_GL100112
sca_trg_Audit_GL16 Audit trigger for GL16 table Company Year sca_trg_Audit_GL160112
sca_trg_Audit_GL53 Audit trigger for GL53 table Company Year sca_trg_Audit_GL530112
sca_trg_Audit_GLCD Audit trigger for GLCD table Company Year sca_trg_Audit_GLCD0112
sca_trg_Audit_GLCE Audit trigger for GLCE table Company sca_trg_Audit_GLCE0100
sca_trg_Audit_GLCF Audit trigger for GLCF table Company sca_trg_Audit_GLCF0100
sca_trg_Audit_GLCG Audit trigger for GLCG table Company sca_trg_Audit_GLCG0100
sca_trg_Audit_GLCI Audit trigger for GLCI table Company sca_trg_Audit_GLCI0100

PK Table Name Description Type Length Precision Note
1 GLCY GLCY001 CashDeskLocation STRING 8 8 0 Cash Office Code
2 GLCY GLCY002 CashDeskCurrCode INTEGER 2 0 0 Currency Code Cash Office
3 GLCY GLCY003 CashDocType SWITCH 1 1 0 Document Type
4 GLCY GLCY004 CashDocNumber STRING 6 6 0 Document Number
GLCY GLCY005 RecordCounter NUMBER 9 20 0 Record Number
GLCY GLCY006 XactionNumber STRING 9 9 0 Transaction Number
5 GLCY GLCY007 LineNumber STRING 7 7 0 Line Number
GLCY GLCY008 XactionDate DATE 8 0 0 Transaction Date
GLCY GLCY009 PrimaryFlag SWITCH 1 1 0 Primary Line Currency
GLCY GLCY010 AccountingString ACCSTR 120 120 0 Accounting String
GLCY GLCY011 AmountLCU MONEY 20 28 8 Amount (Local Currency)
GLCY GLCY012 CurrencyCode INTEGER 2 0 0 Currency Code Line
GLCY GLCY013 AccountingStringOCU ACCSTR 120 120 0 Accounting String Line Currency
GLCY GLCY014 AmountOCU MONEY 20 28 8 Amount (Line Currency)
GLCY GLCY015 XactionText VSTRING 100 100 0 Transaction Line Text
GLCY GLCY016 Code1 STRING 10 10 0 Customer/Supplier Code
GLCY GLCY017 Code2 VSTRING 25 25 0 Document Number
GLCY GLCY018 Code3 STRING 6 6 0 Journal Code
GLCY GLCY019 Code4 STRING 2 2 0 General Ledger Period
GLCY GLCY020 Code5 VSTRING 35 35 0 Foreign Amount (Currency Account)
GLCY GLCY021 Code6 STRING 8 8 0 Compound Allocation Switches
GLCY GLCY022 Tag1 STRING 1 1 0 Period Allocation 0 - Period allocation has not been executed for the transaction line
1 - Period allocation has been executed for the transaction line
2 - (used with analytical ledger)
3 - (used with analytical ledger)
GLCY GLCY023 Tag2 STRING 1 1 0 Project Line Type Only valid of GL07031 and GL07032 has a value:
0 - GL07032 is linked to a project activity line
1 - GL07032 is linked to a activity code
GLCY GLCY024 Tag3 STRING 1 1 0 Transaction Flag 0 - Standard value
1 - Transaction line is a currency revaluation transaction line
2 - Transaction line is in closing period
GLCY GLCY025 XactionLineType STRING 1 1 0 Line Type 0 - Manual Transaction in General Ledger
1 - Reversal Transaction in General Ledger
2 - Accrued Transaction (Periodic Allocation)
3 - Customer Invoice (From Sales Ledger)
4 - Customer Payment (From Sales Ledger)
5 - Supplier Invoice (From Purchase Ledger)
6 - Supplier Payment (From Purchase Ledger)
7 - Depreciation Transaction (From Asset Management)
8 - Automatic Period Allocation
9 - Transaction from Project Management
A - Transaction from Payroll
B - Transaction from Stock Journal
C - Transaction from Promissory Notes
D - Petty Cash Transaction
K - Fixed Assets Revaluation Transaction
L - Cash-Books Transaction
M - Transaction from MPC WIP Journal
S - Transaction from Source Company (Consolidation)
T - Temporary Cheque Transactions (Day-Book Journal)
i - Closing Period Transaction
k - Year End Closing Transaction
| - Transferred Open Balances of Currency Accounts
GLCY GLCY026 XactionLineSign STRING 1 1 0 Transaction Sign 0 - Normal Sign (+ debit, - credit)
1 - Reversed Sign (+ credit, - debit)
GLCY GLCY027 NOofDecimals NUMBER 1 20 0 Number of Decimals
GLCY GLCY028 LinkCode STRING 8 8 0 Link Code
GLCY GLCY029 Quantity X_NUMERIC 20 28 8 Quantity
GLCY GLCY030 UnitCode INTEGER 4 0 0 Unit Code
GLCY GLCY031 AmountCCU MONEY 20 28 8 Amount (Alternative Currency)
GLCY GLCY032 ContaAccount STRING 13 13 0 Contra Account
GLCY GLCY033 JournalNumber STRING 6 6 0 Journal Number
GLCY GLCY034 PLReference STRING 9 9 0 PL Reference
GLCY GLCY035 SubProjectCode STRING 6 6 0 Sub-Project Number
GLCY GLCY036 ActivityCode STRING 6 6 0 Activity Code
GLCY GLCY037 UserID STRING 8 8 0 Entered By
GLCY GLCY038 DateOfEntry DATE 8 0 0 Date Entered
GLCY GLCY039 UserIDUpdated STRING 8 8 0 Updated By
GLCY GLCY040 DateOfUpdate DATE 8 0 0 Date Updated
GLCY GLCY041 XactionTextOCU VSTRING 100 100 0 Transaction Text Line Currency