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Name Description Dependences Example
PL01 Suppliers Company PL010100
PL03 Purchase Ledger Invoices Company PL030100
PL04 Purchase Ledger Invoice Journal Company Year PL040112
PL05 Purchase Ledger Payment Journal Company Year PL050112
PL07 Payment Proposal Company PL070100
PL08 Purchase Ledger Parameters Company Year PL080112
PL09 Purchase Ledger Automatic Accounting Table Company Year PL090112
PL10 Payment Ledger Company PL100100
PL14 Shipping Addresses Company PL140100
PL15 Company PL150100
PL16 Payment Methods Layouts Company PL160100
PL17 VAT Transactions Company PL170100
PL18 Withholding Tax Transactions Company PL180100
PL19 Suppliers Templates Company PL190100
PL21 Purchase Ledger Payments Company PL210100
PL22 Payment Terms PL Company PL220100
PL23 Payment Terms Descriptions Company PL230100
PL24 Tax details for prepayment Company PL240100
PL25 Tax details for payment Company PL250100
PL30 Check Register Company PL300100
PL32 Company PL320100
PL33 Company PL330100
PL40 Prepayment Allocation Lines Company PL400100
PL41 Prepayment Tax Lines Company PL410100
PL43 Prepayment Deductions Company PL430100
PL44 Prepayment Documents Company PL440100
PL45 Extended Bank Info Company PL450100
PL46 Invoice OCR Payment Reference Company PL460100
PL50 Payment Proposal Header Company PL500100
PL51 Payment Proposal Lines Company PL510100
PL56 Swedish BankGiro, PlusGiro services Company PL560100
PL88 Check Printout Company PL880100
PL92 Foreign Payment Temp File I/O PL920000
PL93 Foreign Payment Temp File I/O PL930000
PL95 Russian VAT wrk PL950000
PL96 DueDate report PL960000
PL97 Ledger Statement PL970000
PL98 EC Tax Reports Company PL980100
PLA1 SL account exceptions for revaluation procedure Company PLA10100
PLAG Company PLAG0100
PLB1 Transportation Terms Company PLB1 0100
PLB4 Tax note description lines Company PLB40100
PLBT Company PLBT0100
PLC0 Import information from customs certificates or invoices Company PLC00100
PLDA SEPA Debtor Accounts Company PLDA0100
PLE0 Spain Payment Parameters Company PLE00100
PLH3 Recharge Invoice Accounts Payable Header PLH30000
PLH4 Recharge Invoice Accounts Payable transaction lines PLH40000
PLH5 Company PLH50100
PLH6 Inter-Company Transaction Entry PLH60000
PLH7 Entities and Amounts for current invoice(Work) PLH70000
PLHA Recharge Invoice Parameters Company PLHA0100
PLHB Recharge Invoice Parameters - Target Company PLHB0000
PLHC Work file for entering inter-company transactions PLHC0000
PLHD Recharge Invoice Tax amount PLHD0000
PLHE Recharge expense amounts PLHE0000
PLHF Recharge Amounts PLHF0000
PLHG Recharge Invoice Distribution Templates Company PLHG0100
PLI1 Payment Term Instalments PL Header Company PLI10100
PLI2 Payment Term Instalments PL Lines Company PLI20100
PLI3 Payment Term Instalments PL Company PLI30100
PLIN Invoice Based Intrastat PL Company PLIN0100
PLL1 Supplier Tax Exemptions Company PLL10100
PLL2 Supplier Payment Balances Company PLL20100
PLL3 Payment Proposal Retentions Company PLL30100
PLM0 Company PLM00100
PLM5 Bank Account Number for Currency Code Company PLM50100
PLMH Company PLMH0100
PLPU Company PLPU0100
PLR4 PL Reversed Transaction Company Year PLR40112
PLRE Company PLRE0100
PLS0 SEPA Instalment – Bank account Company PLS00100
PLSE Company PLSE0100
PLSG SEPA Grouping Parameters Company PLSG0100
PLT7 Temp Tax table for autopayments Company PLT70100
PLTC Work File for Printing Tax Certificate PLTC0000
PLTE Company PLTE0100
PLXX PLXX Work File PLXX0000
PLXY PLXY Work File PLXY0000
sca_trg_Audit_PL01 Audit trigger for PL01 table Company sca_trg_Audit_PL010100
sca_trg_Audit_PL03 Audit trigger for PL03 table Company sca_trg_Audit_PL030100
sca_trg_Audit_PL08 Audit trigger for PL08 table Company Year sca_trg_Audit_PL080112
sca_trg_Audit_PL45 Audit trigger for PL45 table Company sca_trg_Audit_PL450100
sca_trg_Audit_PLM0 Audit trigger for PLM0 table Company sca_trg_Audit_PLM00100
SY50 Statistic Currency Rate for Accounting Periods Company Year SY500112

PK Table Name Description Type Length Precision Note
PL05 PL05001 Reccounter NUMBER 9 20 0 Record Counter
1 PL05 PL05002 Transactno STRING 9 9 0 Transact Number
2 PL05 PL05003 Linenumber STRING 7 7 0 Line Number
PL05 PL05004 Trandate DATE 8 0 0 Transaction Date
PL05 PL05005 Flag SWITCH 1 1 0 Primary Line Currency Used for currency/quantity accounting transactions to specify what the primary currency was for the transaction line:
0 - Normal transaction line in local currency, no foreign amount or quantity is specified.
1 - Only foreign amount or quantity is specified, no local amount exist for the transaction line.
2 - Foreign amount or quantity is specified for the transaction line but the local currency amount is the primary amount.
3 - Foreign amount is specified and was the primary amount when the transaction line was entered.
(Foreign amounts and quantity is booked on statistical accounts and column PL05009 and PL05010 is used for specifying the accounting string and amount)
PL05 PL05006 Accstring ACCSTR 120 120 0 Accounting String
PL05 PL05007 Amountlcu MONEY 20 28 8 Amount (Local Currency)
PL05 PL05008 Currcode INTEGER 2 0 0 Currency Code Line
PL05 PL05009 Accstringocu ACCSTR 120 120 0 Accounting String (Line Currency)
PL05 PL05010 Amountocu MONEY 20 28 8 Amount (Line Currency)
PL05 PL05011 Trantext VSTRING 100 100 0 Transaction Line Text
PL05 PL05012 Code1 STRING 10 10 0 Supplier Code
PL05 PL05013 Code2 VSTRING 25 25 0 Invoice Number
PL05 PL05014 Code3 STRING 6 6 0 Journal Code
PL05 PL05015 Code4 STRING 2 2 0 General Ledger Period
PL05 PL05016 Code5 VSTRING 35 35 0 Transaction Code 5
PL05 PL05017 Code6 STRING 8 8 0 Payment Line Number
PL05 PL05018 Tag1 STRING 1 1 0 Transaction Tag 1
PL05 PL05019 Tag2 STRING 1 1 0 Transaction Tag 2
PL05 PL05020 Tag3 STRING 1 1 0 Transaction Tag 3
PL05 PL05021 Tranlinetype STRING 1 1 0 Line Type 0 - Other transaction lines
1 - Accounts payable transaction line
2 - Tax accounting transaction line
PL05 PL05022 Tranlinesign STRING 1 1 0 Amount Sign 0 - Normal Sign (+ debit, - credit)
1 - Reversed Sign (+ credit, - debit)
PL05 PL05023 Noofdecimals NUMBER 1 20 0 No of Decimals
PL05 PL05024 Linkcode STRING 8 8 0 In Closing Period The character 'i' indicates that the transaction will be booked in the closing period, otherwise the field will be empty.
PL05 PL05025 Quantity X_NUMERIC 20 28 8 Quantity
PL05 PL05026 Unitcode INTEGER 4 0 0 Unit Code
PL05 PL05027 Amountccu MONEY 20 28 8 Amount (Alternative Currency)
PL05 PL05028 Contraacc STRING 13 13 0 Contra Account
PL05 PL05029 Journalno NUMBER 6 20 0 Journal Number
PL05 PL05030 Plreference STRING 9 9 0 Internal Reference Number
PL05 PL05031 Subprjcode STRING 6 6 0 Sub-Project Number
PL05 PL05032 Activitycode STRING 6 6 0 Activity Code
PL05 PL05033 Usridupdby STRING 8 8 0 UserID for Update
PL05 PL05034 Dateofentry DATE 8 0 0 Date Entered
PL05 PL05035 Usridentby STRING 8 8 0 UserID for Entry
PL05 PL05036 Dateofupd DATE 8 0 0 Date Updated
PL05 PL05037 Trantxtocu VSTRING 100 100 0 Transaction Text (Line Currency)
PL05 PL05038 paxrate X_NUMERIC 10 18 8 Payment Exchange Rate
PL05 PL05039 paxrate2 X_NUMERIC 10 18 8 Payment Exchange Rate 2
PL05 PL05040 palgorithm STRING 3 3 0 Payment Exchange Algorithm
PL05 PL05041 Usridprnby STRING 8 8 0 Printed By
PL05 PL05042 Dateofprn DATE 8 0 0 Date Printed
PL05 PL05043 PrnStatus SWITCH 1 1 0 PrintedStatus
PL05 PL05044 AASCode VSTRING 25 25 0 AAS code
PL05 PL05045 TaxCode VSTRING 6 6 0 TaxCode