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Name Description Dependences Example
sca_trg_Audit_SL01 Audit trigger for SL01 table Company sca_trg_Audit_SL010100
sca_trg_Audit_SL03 Audit trigger for SL03 table Company sca_trg_Audit_SL030100
sca_trg_Audit_SL08 Audit trigger for SL08 table Company Year sca_trg_Audit_SL080112
sca_trg_Audit_SL14 Audit trigger for SL14 table Company sca_trg_Audit_SL140100
sca_trg_Audit_SL45 Audit trigger for SL45 table Company sca_trg_Audit_SL450100
sca_trg_Audit_SLM0 Audit trigger for SLM0 table Company sca_trg_Audit_SLM00100
SL01 Customer File Company SL010100
SL03 Sales Ledger Invoices Company SL030100
SL04 Sales Ledger Invoice Journal Company Year SL040112
SL05 Sales Ledger Payment Journal Company Year SL050112
SL07 Interest Charged Company SL070100
SL08 Sales Ledger Parameters Company Year SL080112
SL09 Automatic Accounting SL Company Year SL090112
SL10 Payment Ledger (not used) Company SL100100
SL11 Payment Ledger Proposal Company SL110100
SL12 Customer Payment Proposal Header Company SL120100
SL14 Customer Delivery Addresses Company SL140100
SL15 Customer Commissions Company SL150100
SL16 Due Commissions Company SL160100
SL17 VAT Transactions Company SL170100
SL18 Invoice Consolidation Company SL180100
SL19 Customer Templates Company SL190100
SL21 Sales Ledger Payments Company SL210100
SL22 Payment Terms SL Company SL220100
SL23 Payment Terms Descriptions Company SL230100
SL24 Sales Statement Tax Variance File Company SL240100
SL25 Sales Statement Proposal Lines Company SL250100
SL26 Sales Statement Proposal References Table Company SL260100
SL27 Sales Statement Company SL270100
SL28 Billing Proposal Company SL280100
SL29 Invoice Consolidation History Company SL290100
SL30 Company SL300100
SL31 Company SL310100
SL32 Company SL320100
SL33 Company SL330100
SL34 Company SL340100
SL35 Company SL350100
SL36 Link Prepayment/Advance Invoices to SO Company SL360100
SL39 Delivery Tax Allocation Lines Company SL390100
SL40 Payment Methods Company SL400100
SL45 Extended Bank Info Company SL450100
SL46 Invoice Template Header Company SL460100
SL47 Invoice Template Lines Company SL470100
SL48 Invoice Template Field definitions Company SL480100
SL97 Work File for Ledger Statement SL970000
SL98 Work File for EC Tax Reports SL980000
SLA1 SL account exceptions for revaluation procedure Company SLA10100
SLB1 Company SLB10100
SLB4 Tax Note Description Company SLB40100
SLB5 Company SLB50100
SLC1 Credit Check permission levels Company SLC10100
SLCM Company SLCM0100
SLCS Credit Control Status Configuration Company SLCS0100
SLD1 Payment Ledger Proposal History Company SLD10100
SLD2 Customer Payment Proposal Header History Company SLD20100
SLD3 Payment Proposal Header 2 History Company SLD30100
SLDD Payment Proposal Header 2 Company SLDD0100
SLDS Company SLDS0100
SLE0 Drafts Company SLE00100
SLE1 Remittance Header Company SLE10100
SLE2 Remittance Details Company SLE20100
SLE3 Bank/Agent Company SLE30100
SLE4 Draft Transactions Company SLE40100
SLE5 Sales Ledger Payment Provisional Company Year SLE50112
SLE7 Extended Payment Company SLE70100
SLE8 Advanced Sales Ledger Parameters Company Year SLE80112
SLE9 Advanced Automatic Accounting Codes Company Year SLE90112
SLER Remittance Work File Company SLER0100
SLF1 Exposed Customer Company SLF10100
SLH1 Invoice Header History Company SLH10100
SLH2 Invoice Issuer/Recipient History Company SLH20100
SLH3 Recharge Invoice Accounts Receivable Header SLH30000
SLH4 Recharge Invoice Accounts Receivable Transaction Lines SLH40000
SLH5 Company SLH50100
SLH6 Invoice Lines Details History Company SLH60100
SLH7 Invoice Texts Linked to Generic Invoices Company SLH70100
SLH8 Invoice Bank Info Company SLH80100
SLI1 Payment Term Instalments SL Header Company SLI10100
SLI2 Payment Term Instalments SL Lines Company SLI20100
SLI3 Payment Term Instalments SL Company SLI30100
SLI9 RIBA Payment proposals Company SLI90100
SLIN Invoice Based Intrastat SL Company SLIN0100
SLL1 Customer Tax Exemptions Company SLL10100
SLL2 Customer Payment Balances Company SLL20100
SLM0 Company SLM00100
SLMH Company SLMH0100
SLR4 SL Reversed Transaction Company Year SLR40112
SLT7 Company SLT70100
SLUL Advanced credit control utilized amounts Company SLUL0100
SLXX Customer Statement work file SLXX0000
SLXY Customer ABC and Frequency Analysis work file SLXY0000
SLXZ Customer Statement by Date work file SLXZ0000
SYSM Report 347 format parameters Company SYSM0100

PK Table Name Description Type Length Precision Note
1 SLM0 SLM0001 MandateReference VSTRING 35 35 0 Mandate Reference
SLM0 SLM0002 DebtorCode VSTRING 10 10 0 Debtor Code
SLM0 SLM0003 DebtorName VSTRING 35 35 0 Debtor Name
SLM0 SLM0004 DebtorAddrLine1 VSTRING 35 35 0 Debtor Address Line 1
SLM0 SLM0005 DebtorAddrLine2 VSTRING 35 35 0 Debtor Address Line 2
SLM0 SLM0006 DebtorAddrLine3 VSTRING 35 35 0 Debtor Address Line 3
SLM0 SLM0007 DebtorAddrLine4 VSTRING 35 35 0 Debtor Address Line 4
SLM0 SLM0008 DebtorAddrLine5 VSTRING 35 35 0 Debtor Address Line 5
SLM0 SLM0009 DebtorAddrLine6 VSTRING 35 35 0 Debtor Address Line 6
SLM0 SLM0010 DebtorAddrLine7 VSTRING 35 35 0 Debtor Address Line 7
SLM0 SLM0011 DebtorCountryCode STRING 3 3 0 Debtor Country Code
SLM0 SLM0012 DebtorID VSTRING 25 25 0 Debtor Identification Code
SLM0 SLM0013 DebtorRefName VSTRING 35 35 0 Debtor Reference Name
SLM0 SLM0014 DebtorReferenceID VSTRING 25 25 0 Debtor Identification of Reference Part
SLM0 SLM0015 DebtorIBANAccount VSTRING 34 34 0 Debtor IBAN Account
SLM0 SLM0016 UnderlyingContractID VSTRING 25 25 0 Underlying Contract ID
SLM0 SLM0017 DebtorBankBICCode VSTRING 15 15 0 Debtor Bank BIC Code
SLM0 SLM0018 CreditorID VSTRING 25 25 0 Creditor Identification Code
SLM0 SLM0019 CreditorName VSTRING 35 35 0 Creditor Name
SLM0 SLM0020 CreditorRefName VSTRING 35 35 0 Creditor Reference Name
SLM0 SLM0021 CreditorReferenceID VSTRING 25 25 0 Creditor Identification of Reference Part
SLM0 SLM0022 CreditorAddressline1 VSTRING 35 35 0 Creditor Address line 1
SLM0 SLM0023 CreditorAddressline2 VSTRING 35 35 0 Creditor Address line 2
SLM0 SLM0024 CreditorAddressline3 VSTRING 35 35 0 Creditor Address line 3
SLM0 SLM0025 CreditorAddressline4 VSTRING 35 35 0 Creditor Address line 4
SLM0 SLM0026 CreditorAddressline5 VSTRING 35 35 0 Creditor Address line 5
SLM0 SLM0027 CreditorAddressline6 VSTRING 35 35 0 Creditor Address line 6
SLM0 SLM0028 CreditorAddressline7 VSTRING 35 35 0 Creditor Address line 7
SLM0 SLM0029 CreditorCountryCode STRING 3 3 0 Creditor Country Code
SLM0 SLM0030 SignedPlace VSTRING 50 50 0 Signed Place
SLM0 SLM0031 SignedBy VSTRING 100 100 0 Signed by
SLM0 SLM0032 SignedDate DATE 8 0 0 Signed Date
SLM0 SLM0033 E-signature VSTRING 256 256 0 E-signature
SLM0 SLM0034 PaymentType STRING 1 1 0 Type of Payment
SLM0 SLM0035 Validfromdate DATE 8 0 0 Valid from Date
SLM0 SLM0036 ValidToDate DATE 8 0 0 Valid to Date
SLM0 SLM0037 RecordType STRING 1 1 0 Record type
SLM0 SLM0038 SpecialComment1 VSTRING 80 80 0 Special Comment 1
SLM0 SLM0039 SpecialComment2 VSTRING 80 80 0 Special Comment 2
SLM0 SLM0040 SpecialComment3 VSTRING 80 80 0 Special Comment 3
SLM0 SLM0041 ContractDescr VSTRING 80 80 0 Contract Description
SLM0 SLM0042 VersionNumber VSTRING 10 10 0 Version number
SLM0 SLM0043 DocLanguage STRING 3 3 0 Document Language
SLM0 SLM0044 ProposalCreatedBy VSTRING 8 8 0 Proposal created by
SLM0 SLM0045 ProposalCreated DATE 8 0 0 Proposal created date
SLM0 SLM0046 ProposalPrintedBy VSTRING 8 8 0 Proposal printed by
SLM0 SLM0047 ProposalPrinted DATE 8 0 0 Proposal printed date
SLM0 SLM0048 MandateCreatedBy VSTRING 8 8 0 Mandate created by
SLM0 SLM0049 MandateCreated DATE 8 0 0 Mandate created date
SLM0 SLM0050 MandatePrintedBy VSTRING 8 8 0 Mandate printed by
SLM0 SLM0051 MandatePrinted DATE 8 0 0 Mandate printed date
SLM0 SLM0052 MandateFirstUsed DATE 8 0 0 Mandate first used
SLM0 SLM0053 Priority INTEGER 2 0 0 Priority
SLM0 SLM0054 MandateLastUsed DATE 8 0 0 Mandate last used
SLM0 SLM0055 Activated INTEGER 1 0 0 Activated
SLM0 SLM0056 InactivatedBy VSTRING 8 8 0 Inactivated by
SLM0 SLM0057 InactivatedDate DATE 8 0 0 Inactivated date
SLM0 SLM0058 ActivatedBy VSTRING 8 8 0 Activated by
SLM0 SLM0059 ActivatedDate DATE 8 0 0 Activated date
SLM0 SLM0060 DebtorZipCode VSTRING 10 10 0 Debtor Post Code
SLM0 SLM0061 DebtorCityCode VSTRING 10 10 0 Debtor City Code
SLM0 SLM0062 CreditorZipCode VSTRING 10 10 0 Creditor Post Code
SLM0 SLM0063 CreditorCityCode VSTRING 10 10 0 Creditor City Code
SLM0 SLM0064 CreditorBankcode STRING 2 2 0 Creditor Bank Code
SLM0 SLM0065 UsedInProposal INTEGER 1 0 0 Used in proposal