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PK Table Name Description Type Length Precision Note
1 AM33 AM33001 IndexKey STRING 4 4 0 Index Key
AM33 AM33002 AssetNoCount X_NUMERIC 10 18 8 (obsolete)
AM33 AM33003 InsuranIndex X_NUMERIC 10 18 8 Insurance Index Defines the current insurance index. This is used to calculate new insurance values for assets.
AM33 AM33004 DeprecIndex X_NUMERIC 10 18 8 Depreciation Index Defines the current index for replacement cost. This is used to calculate new replacement values in connection with calculation of revaluation method depreciations.
AM33 AM33005 DeprecPeriod X_NUMERIC 10 18 8 Depreciation Periods Defines how often (in periods) budget and depreciations shall be calculation, e.g. '2' gives depreciations every other month, '3' every quarter, etc.
AM33 AM33006 TransactNo X_NUMERIC 10 18 8 (obsolete)
AM33 AM33007 InterestRate X_NUMERIC 10 18 8 Estimated Interest Rate
AM33 AM33008 PartialValue X_NUMERIC 10 18 8 Remaining Balance Remaining balance is only used in Austria and Germany for country specific calculations.
AM33 AM33009 LastUpdYear X_NUMERIC 10 18 8 Last Updated Year Defines the last year depreciations have been update and closed, new depreciations can't be calculated for the defined year or earliest years. (The year format is YYYY).
AM33 AM33010 UseTransCntr INTEGER 1 0 0 Use General Ledger Transaction Counter
AM33 AM33011 GenerateBudg INTEGER 1 0 0 Generate Budget for Balance Account
AM33 AM33012 DeprFullYear INTEGER 1 0 0 Depreciate Full Year According to Tax
AM33 AM33013 TaxCalcControl INTEGER 1 0 0 Tax Calculation Control 0 - No tax calculation control.
1 - Both tax and plan depreciation may be calculated. For other business operations only plan GL transaction lines are generated.
2 - Only plan depreciation calculating is allowed. For all business operations only plan GL transaction lines are generated.
AM33 AM33014 StockValueDefinitionMethod INTEGER 1 0 0 Stock Value Definition Method The stock value of an asset , to be transferred to Stock Control is defined as:
0 - Plan balance value of the asset
1 - Tax balance value of the asset
AM33 AM33015 InhibFASB52 INTEGER 1 0 0 Insert Date Stamp for FASB52
AM33 AM33016 RuondingRule INTEGER 1 0 0 Rounding Rule Defines rounding rule to use when calculating depreciations:
0 - Standard rounding
1 - Rounding to upper figure in decimals.
2 - Rounding to lower figure in decimals.
3 - Rounding to upper integer.
4 - Rounding to lower integer.
AM33 AM33017 DirectTransf INTEGER 1 0 0 Full Amount of Tax Depreciation 1 - The total amount for tax depreciations may be booked to the appropriate accounts.
0 - Only the difference between planned and tax depreciations may be booked.
AM33 AM33018 JournalCodeForGL VSTRING 6 6 0 Journal Code for General Ledger
AM33 AM33019 ReducingBasisbyResidualValue INTEGER 1 0 0 Reducing Basis by Residual Value 1 - Before calculating depreciation, basis will be reduced with residual value if any and depreciation will be done up to 0
0 - Depreciation will be calculated up to residual value if any
AM33 AM33020 FixedAssetNo STRING 10 10 0 (obsolete)
AM33 AM33021 BusinessTransNor NUMBER 10 20 0 (obsolete)
AM33 AM33022 UseMaster INTEGER 1 0 0 Use Fixed Asset Transactions
AM33 AM33023 AutomaticAssetNo INTEGER 1 0 0 Automatic Fixed Asset Transaction Number
AM33 AM33024 DateControl INTEGER 1 0 0 Date Consistency Control
AM33 AM33025 CreateReportingLevelForTangible INTEGER 4 0 0 Create Reporting Level for Tangible Stock Item
AM33 AM33026 DepreciationFromPeriodValue INTEGER 1 0 0 Depreciation from period value
AM33 AM33027 FinalPeriodRule INTEGER 1 0 0 Final period rule
AM33 AM33028 CheckDepreciation INTEGER 1 0 0 Check Depreciation
AM33 AM33029 NumOfDaysFinPeriod INTEGER 2 0 0 No of days per financial period
AM33 AM33030 BilinerTransactions INTEGER 1 0 0 Biliner Transactions split AM34 lines or accumulate amounts with equal accounting string
AM33 AM33031 SeparateAccountForProfitAndLoss STRING 1 1 0 Separate accounts for profit and loss
AM33 AM33032 RevaluationMethod STRING 1 1 0 Revaluation method
AM33 AM33033 AllowAssetValueToExceedPurchasePriceDuringAutomaticRevaluation STRING 1 1 0 Allow asset value to exceed purchase price during automatic revaluation