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Name Description Dependences Example
PR01 Project Master Table Company PR010100
PR02 Project Activities Company PR020100
PR03 Project Activity Transactions Company PR030100
PR10 Activity Master Table Company PR100100
PR11 Activity Price Lists Company PR110100
PR13 Project Module Parameters Company PR130100
PR14 Project Invoice Text File Company PR140100
PR15 Project Delivery Addresses Company PR150100
PR17 Project Text Lines Company PR170100
PR18 Project Account Rule On-charges Company PR180100
PR19 Project Sub-project/Resource/Activity Price/Markup Company PR190100
PR23 Project Planning Calendar Company Year PR230112
PR24 Project User Database File Company PR240100
PR25 User Database Definitions Company PR250100
PR26 User Database Field Definitions Company PR260100
PR27 Project Invoice Proposal Transactions Company PR270100
PR28 Project Invoice Proposal Head Company PR280100
PR29 Project Invoice History Company PR290100
PR30 Project User Code File Definition Company PR300100
PR31 Project Invoice Plan Company PR310100
PR32 Project Accounting Journal Company Year PR320112
PR33 Project Automatic Account Coding Schedule Company Year PR330112
PR34 Project Budgets and Forecasts Company PR340100
PR35 Project Sub-projects Company PR350100
PR36 Main Projects Company PR360100
PR37 Project Templates Company PR370100
PR38 Project Invoice History Details Company PR380100
PR39 Company Year PR390112
PR41 Transaction Journal Company PR410100
PR42 Transaction Journal Text Lines Company PR420100
PR43 Resource Time Cards Company PR430100
PR44 Project Delivered Material Company PR440100
PR45 Invoice Statistics Head Company PR450100
PR46 Invoice Statistics Lines Company PR460100
PR47 Invoice Statistics Material Company PR470100
PR48 Import/Export definitions Company PR480100
PR49 WIP History Company PR490100
PR50 Sales Order Template Company PR500100
PR51 Project Activity Descriptions Company PR510100
PR52 Invoice Specification Company PR520100
PR53 Company PR530100
PRGL Company PRGL0100
PRI0 Project Instalments Company PRI00100
PRI2 Project Instalment Lines Company PRI20100
PRI4 Project Instalment Lines History Company PRI40100
PRX1 Wrk. PR0162 PRX10000
PRX2 Time Planning w PRX20000
PRX3 Cl.Pj.Inv. wrk. PRX30000
PRX4 Ed.Inv.Prop.wrk PRX40000
PRX5 Ed.Inv.Prop.wr1 PRX50000
PRX6 PRX60000
PRX7 Ed.Inv.Hist.wr1 PRX70000
PRX8 View Activites PRX80000
PRX9 Pj.Int.Debit w. PRX90000
PRXX Tr.Entries wrk. PRXX0000
PRXY Tr.Entries txt. PRXY0000
PRXZ Reports wrk. PRXZ0000

PK Table Name Description Type Length Precision Note
1 PR10 PR10001 ActivityCode STRING 6 6 0 Activity Code
PR10 PR10002 Spare VSTRING 35 35 0 (obsolete)
PR10 PR10003 Spare VSTRING 35 35 0 (obsolete)
PR10 PR10004 Spare VSTRING 35 35 0 (obsolete)
PR10 PR10005 Spare VSTRING 35 35 0 (obsolete)
PR10 PR10006 Spare VSTRING 35 35 0 (obsolete)
PR10 PR10007 Spare VSTRING 35 35 0 (obsolete)
PR10 PR10008 Spare VSTRING 35 35 0 (obsolete)
PR10 PR10009 Spare VSTRING 35 35 0 (obsolete)
PR10 PR10010 Spare VSTRING 35 35 0 (obsolete)
PR10 PR10011 Spare VSTRING 35 35 0 (obsolete)
PR10 PR10012 ActivityType STRING 1 1 0 Activity Type 0 - Cost Activity
1 - Time Activity
2 - Material Activity (Sales Order or Purchase Order)
3 - Milestone
4 - Text Annotation
5 - Linked Sales Order
6 - Linked Purchase Order
7 - Linked Service Order
8 - Linked Contract
9 - Linked Work Order
PR10 PR10013 InvSpecCode VSTRING 1 1 0 Invoice Line Layout 1 - Invoice lines include quantity, unit price and total amount.
2 - Invoice lines include only the totals.
(The actual layout is defined in the ddf files for invoices and invoice proposal)
PR10 PR10014 CostCategory VSTRING 1 1 0 Cost Category
PR10 PR10015 VATCode VSTRING 6 6 0 VAT Code
PR10 PR10016 AccountCode VSTRING 2 2 0 Accounting Code
PR10 PR10017 ChargeCode01 VSTRING 1 1 0 Charge Activity 0 - Activity shall not be charged to customer but cost allocated to the project
1 - Activity will included when invoicing the project
PR10 PR10018 PurchaseOrderMarkup VSTRING 10 10 0 Purchase Order Mark-up %
PR10 PR10019 DefauResCode VSTRING 10 10 0 Default Resource Code
PR10 PR10020 DefaultHours X_NUMERIC 12 20 8 Default Quantity/Hours
PR10 PR10021 DefaPriceQty MONEY 20 28 8 Default Unit Price (Local Currency) Unit price used for price list 00
PR10 PR10022 StockCode VSTRING 35 35 0 Stock Item Code
PR10 PR10023 SupplierCode VSTRING 10 10 0 Supplier Code
PR10 PR10024 ActivitCateg STRING 10 10 0 Activity Category
PR10 PR10025 DefCostQty MONEY 20 28 8 Default Unit Cost (Local Currency)
PR10 PR10026 DiscountCode VSTRING 2 2 0 Discount Code
PR10 PR10027 AccounString ACCSTR 120 120 0 Accounting String
PR10 PR10028 MinHoursQty X_NUMERIC 12 20 8 Minimum Quantity/Hours
PR10 PR10029 MaxHoursQty X_NUMERIC 12 20 8 Maximum Quantity/Hours
PR10 PR10030 HrReportType VSTRING 1 1 0 Time Reporting Types 1 - Presence
2 - Presence Internal
3 - Sick-leave
4 - Vacation
5 - Other leave
6 - Unpaid leave
7 - Overtime
PR10 PR10031 WageCostTpA VSTRING 6 6 0 Wage Type Cost Category A
PR10 PR10032 WageCostTpB VSTRING 6 6 0 Wage Type Cost Category B
PR10 PR10033 WageCostTpC VSTRING 6 6 0 Wage Type Cost Category C
PR10 PR10034 WageCostTpD VSTRING 6 6 0 Wage Type Cost Category D
PR10 PR10035 WageCostTpE VSTRING 6 6 0 Wage Type Cost Category E
PR10 PR10036 WageCostTpF VSTRING 6 6 0 Wage Type Cost Category F
PR10 PR10037 SuppNoPriceWarn STRING 1 1 0 Suppress Zero Price Warning
PR10 PR10038 LinkPO SWITCH 1 1 0 Allow Link to Purchase Order This value will be inherited when creating new activity lines:
0 - The system does not allow creating direct PO from such cost activity line
1 - The system allows creating direct PO from such cost activity line.
PR10 PR10039 AllowLinkPO SWITCH 1 1 0 Allow Adjust Purchase Order Link Option 0 - The system does not allow adjusting default value of the field PR10038 on activity lines.
1 - The system allows adjusting default value of the field PR10038 on activity lines.
PR10 PR10040 OperationType VSTRING 10 10 0 Operation Type
PR10 PR10041 FinancialOperationCode VSTRING 10 10 0 Financial Operation Code
PR10 PR10042 ExtendedCommissionCode STRING 2 2 0 Extended Commission Code
PR10 PR10043 FixedRevenue STRING 1 1 0 Fixed Revenue
PR10 PR10044 IncludeInRevenueRcgn STRING 1 1 0 Included into Revenue Recognition
PR10 PR10045 OperationType_DefaultValue VSTRING 10 10 0 Operation Type (Default Value)
PR10 PR10046 FinancialOperationCode_DefaultValue VSTRING 10 10 0 Financial Operation Code (Default Value)
PR10 PR10047 NCMCode_DefaultValue VSTRING 25 25 0 NCM Code (Default Value)
PR10 PR10048 ProductTaxType_DefaultValue VSTRING 10 10 0 Product Tax Type (Default Value)
PR10 PR10049 TaxationReasonCode STRING 3 3 0 Taxation Reason Code